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President’s Corner: Hurry Up Already, What’s Taking So Long

Featured P3 Pearl,  Ester Nicholson, 12 Steps To Freedom

About P3 Pearl, Ester Nicholson

Featured P3 Jewel – Julie Prim

Wilder in Real Life: My Wonderful Self

Domestic Violence and Drug Addiction by Ester Nicholson

Planting Seeds For The Future by Jeannette Fitzwater

No Pushing- by Angela Harper

How to be Significant in Your Organization-DeLores Pressley

Forgive and Forget, but don’t be Foolish- Karyn Beach

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p3only.jpg Are You Looking for More Power, Passion & Purpose in Your Life?

Do You Want a Clear Vision and a Pathway for Fulfillment?

Your Power, Passion & Purpose Life Coach or Facilitator will help you:

  • Expand your confidence
  • Identify the patterns of listening, speaking and reacting that stop you from having everything you want
  • Develop new, effective ways of communicating
  • Design a plan of action to reach all your goals
  • See the opportunity to bring Power, Passion & Purpose in every area of your life

Here’s what our clients say they’ve received from being coached by The Power, Passion and Purpose Group!

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  1. Ellen Phillips, Charlotte, NC says:

    The event on the 18th was wonderful! I was feeling a little afriad to come and join in, but I left feeling lifted and grateful I came. It was full of wonderful speakers and women who have been through some tough experiences just like me, and they learned to overcome. I was awe inspired and will keep learning from these great ladies. I have shared the experience with a few friends and doctors I’ve been in contact with the last few days. Thank You ALL for Sharing. It was wonderful.. Ellen Phillips…

  2. Nadia Moffett Miss NC USA, 2010 says:

    I love what The P3 Group is doing! I believe in its mission and its purpose to inspire women! I have a great time at the P3 Power Boost in Charlotte and truly look forward to the next event! Truly refreshing! Nadia Moffett, Miss North Carolina USA, 2010

  3. Christine Morrison, Social Worker, Mebane NC says:

    I have learned that the power to resolve issues lies within me – not with changing the other person.

  4. Sheree Mann, Events & Meetings Planner, Raleigh, NC says:

    I have learned how to look into my innermost soul, just to rediscover myself and my sensuality. I am enjoying a whole new type of womanhood.

  5. Hi great page you have here. I attend a Bootcamp in Sydney and I am continuually looking for interesting information to pass on to my bootcamp instructor. He has a bootcamp sydney blog which you can browse and catch some of the things we do and things to see in Oz 🙂 If your ever in Sydney Australia, our main camp is in Pyrmont, which is close to the CBD. Cheers mate!

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