10 Things I Love About the World We Live In

By Ronald C. Manalastas

From the time I came of age, I have learned to see and enjoy the world as a bounty, a place purposely designed by the Almighty Creator for humanity to cherish, work for, and be excited about.

I would think that it is this same powerful positive feeling about the world’s divine design that has given most people the intent and the drive to maximize the world’s endowments. We have considered the world as a providential gift befitting continued transformation so that we can live our life to the fullest. In essence, we are in a changing world where we have so much to value despite its man-made imperfections.

What then are in this world that we can greatly appreciate and love as human beings?

The following are the ten things that I love about the world we live in:

1. Faith in God and sense of righteousness
No less than 90% of the world’s population believes in God, or in the existence of a supreme being, a divine someone who has orchestrated the earth’s creation and how it should be nurtured and managed. This overwhelming recognition of God has given humanity a deep sense of righteousness.

The people’s abiding belief in the Ten Commandments has been the cornerstone of most laws and statutes that seek to install order, rights, equality, freedom, liberty, and industry among people of divergent races. Religion has flourished amidst unprecedented gains in science and technology, uniquely strengthening the moral fiber of the global society.

Without faith in God and the sense of righteousness it evokes among people, chaos and anarchy could have prevented the evolution of our world, which is a product of man’s faith, character, discipline, and ingenuity. Man’s relationship with God takes the form of a powerful binding contract for man to do good things.

2. Human capacity: To think, act, relate, and learn
As humans, we are four-dimensional. We were given the body through which we can live, the mind through which we can learn, the heart through which we can love, and the spirit through which we can leave a legacy. In such human configuration, we have the capacity to think, act, relate, and learn. Our creation was a well-thought plan, for us to enjoy and share everything that this world can offer.

I also delight my being able to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste. They are marvelous endowments. I could not imagine how I could be in a position to write and communicate for the greater good without my gift of human capacity.

3. Inherent freedom to choose
When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, we had been given the complete freedom to chart our own destiny through the voluntary exercise of our human capacity. We had been granted the unlimited freedom to work for our living, to reproduce and fill the earth with humans, and to live in a manner we deem best. That freedom stays up to now. We are at liberty to choose our vocation or profession in life, find our place of abode, seek the friends we like, build the family we dream about, and think of our strategies in life.

Even if we are bound to follow the rules of society, we still have the freedom to ignore them subject to our being accountable for the adverse results of our act.

4. Abundance of new knowledge and learning
Our continuing quest for new knowledge has kept on producing new technologies and meaningful information that help us acquire new competencies as we try to improve our quality of life.

Right after my retirement 10 years ago, after having been operationally focused on telecommunication management for about 20 years, I felt some sort of a dearth of knowledge about other industries that would be the ambit of my new discipline as I go into business consulting. Despite having done purposeful reading of books, journals and periodicals, I had found the Internet to be the greatest repository of new knowledge that I had always needed. Had it not been for the immense power of the Internet to provide abundant fingertip-level new information, I could not have acquired competent knowledge about other industries in a short span of time.

The preponderance of databases, websites, blogs, and other online tools, including “how to” tutorial articles, all rich in knowledge-building content, has accelerated the pace of new learning on earth. This development will continue over an infinite duration, and surfing the Net will be much more informative, exciting, and contributive to society.

5. Unlimited opportunities in life
Regardless of our position in life, the world seems not to run out of opportunities that can help us address our needs and satisfy our wants in life. Even in the face of failure, there are always opportunities that pop up and bring good fortune.

When for some uncontrollable reasons I failed in two successive start-up businesses, a partner of mine in the failed ventures invited me to join him in two major business research projects, which we were able to impressively complete. These consulting engagements led to the setting up my own business consulting firm that up to now continues to operate and give me refreshing intellectual renewal. In this turnaround, the more I learned to love the thought that our world always lets failure to be the start of success.

6. The goodness of people and community
If life is predicated on collaboration, sharing, and coaching to help others succeed, the essence of being in community with people becomes an inspiring preoccupation that brings intense personal fulfillment.

When I started doing pro-bono business consulting work for some underprivileged new entrants in small business, I was amazed and exalted with the new circle of clients, people, and friends that I had built for myself. When my wife and I decided to join a Christian community, we were moved by the intensity of a concerted mindset to do good things for the greater good. My interconnection with people has reinforced my endearment to people, as well as my appreciation for their transformational value to society.

7. The value of the family
The family is one of the reasons why we work hard and persevere in life. We want to give our loved ones the security, comfort, stability, status, and recognition they rightfully deserve. Our family is a source of energy and inspiration in whatever we think and do. And societies flourish because of the dominant value of the family as a basic social unit, and its proven trans-generational impact. 

I enjoy being in an active “extended family” loop where the exercise of love, mutual care, understanding, solidarity, sharing, kindness, and warmth transcends my own family, reaching and encircling grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, and nieces. It is a wonderful world of a family, always vibrant, hopeful, and ecstatic about each member. I love seeing my children being a part of this awesome family union.

8. Work as a fact of life
I love the fundamental idea behind our creation, with work being inherently attached to our life. It stimulates my senses in recognizing the fact that for us to achieve our lofty ideals, we have to work for them. Work and achieving its purpose gives me a strong feeling of self-respect, for having done something positive by utilizing my own human faculties for the welfare of my individuality, my family, and the community that I serve. Work refreshes me as it sharpens my competencies in facing life’s opportunities and challenges. 

9. Arts as a balancing medium
As we commonly say: “work with no play makes a man dull and gray.” I uphold the value of this seemingly overused, yet very valuable, immortal quip. “Arts” is a “play medium” that enables us to achieve some work-life balance. Music, painting, sculpture, antique collection, hiking, mountain climbing, travels, vintage car restoration, and even sports are common emotional outlets that relieve us of the stress and pressure of regular work, or of leading a regimented life.

I love writing as an art. Writing leads me to a creative thinking mode and gives me the freedom to ventilate my thoughts regardless of the point of view that I stand for. I enjoy music too. Its lyrics and melody give me the positive mood and the joy of understanding humanity in a more pleasant way.

10. Presence of life-giving remedies
Health is important to our full enjoyment of the world’s bounty. Without it, we would miss a lot of what the world offers and has to offer. I delight man’s capacity and inventiveness to produce countless life-giving remedies for health maintenance and improvement, disease prevention, and illness cure. Had it not been for the breakthroughs in medical science, life could have been too short, depriving us of the boon and beauty of the contemporary world.

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