1st Poem for You

By Angela Harper

I’ve never been a fan of Valetine’s Day.  Aside from it’s true origins and the eye sore of seeing all the paraphernalia littered throughout the stores, I was the kid that would bring those little cards with lollipops for all my classmates; only to be the kid to receive the least amount of cards.  My parents always made the day nice, but after a while it’s somewhat depressing that only my parents thought of me on the holiday. When I was in 11th grade I befriended one of the deaf students and he sent me a flower & candy-gram addressed to, “Ashley Harper.” It felt great to be thought of even if he had my name wrong. My senior year in high school I volunteered to work in the front office confiscating Valentine’s Day gifts that were too large for students to have in class. With a smile and slight chuckle I took countless teddy  bears and over-sized balloons from whining females, “Sorry, you can pick it up after school. Have a nice day.” My step team coach came to my English class with a flower and balloon in an attempt to change my sentiments towards the day. My best friend sent a flower-gram to me, “To Whitney. From Faith.” (Our classmates thought I favored Whitney Houston and she Faith Evans). The years post high school were even worst so I quickly became an anti-Valentine Dayist! The joy that overwhelmed me when I met others who shared the same feelings. One year my anti-Valentine-Valentine says that she’d like a mic shout-out at the open mic I was attending on Valentine’s Day. Sarcastically I asked if she wanted a poem too and she seriously said, “Yes, write a poem for me!” I remember performing the poem and how much the crowd enjoyed it. When I sent her the poem she replied in true Brooklyn fashion, “That’s dope.” So on this Valentine’s season I share with you all the poem:

This is my 1st poem for you

My 1st chance to put pen to paper

And create a piece that will attempt to transform thoughts into metaphors

Lines, similes, and stanzas

But for some reason I can’t bring myself to expose you to the restraints of structured poetry

There’s no way I could bind such a magnetic personality with poetic rules

Impossible for me to imprison a sparkling smile in rhyme scheme

But this is what I can do:

1st Poem for You

Loud voices

Neon lights

Honking horns

Metal grinding to a screeching halt

I’m glad I met you in the calmness of

A summer’s night, island riddums, and whatever was in that cup

Forgetting  ½ our conversation

Only remembering a spectacular piece of art brought to life

Wearing a grey dress and armed with a contagious smile

Late nights

Hip/Hop shows

Shabby lodging

Long walks

Quick dinner with you and friends

Refusing to believe there is a negative fiber in your being

Spectacular piece of art brought to life

Armed with a contagious smile

Random road trip

Busy sidewalks

Short train ride

Hotel room, no home this time

Despite the circumstances

Found happiness within you

Dancin’ the night away

You illuminate the city as if it were day

So I call you, “Sunshine”

Spectacular piece of art brought to life

Armed with a contagious smile

Suburban lifestyle

Unpredictable days

Southern hospitality

Sounds of The Plain White T’s

Singing ‘bout his Delilah

Can’t help but smile and sing along cuz in a sense

You’re my Delilah

Spectacular piece of art brought to life

Armed with a contagious smile

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