About Our P3 Pearl: Miss North Carolina USA 2010, Nadia Moffett

May 2010 - About Our P3 Pearl: Miss North Carolina USA 2010, Nadia Moffett

Nadia Shirin Moffett of High Point, North Carolina is an active community and business leader. With a passion to empower people, Nadia has found ways to inspire others in her career and in the community. After graduating from The University of North Carolina Greensboro in 2007 where she attained

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The President's Corner: Alignment or Realignment?

May 2010 - The President’s Corner: Alignment or Realignment?

by Lisa Thomas I sat with the beautiful Valonda Calloway on the My Carolina Today show and we talked briefly about the concept of Body Placement and what that all means. Body Placement! Oooh, it sounds so mysterious, doesn’t it? First, I must say that Body Placement is a term I use to

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May 2010 - U-Turn

by Karyn L. Beach You have a plan. You are committed to your plan. You are working your plan. But, something isn’t right. You are getting results, but you aren’t happy with the results you are getting. It isn’t what you expected. In fact, you aren’t even sure this is what you want anymore

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Wilder In Real Life: Saving Generation Y

May 2010 - Wilder In Real Life: Saving Generation Y

by Lauren Wilder This installment is influenced by some of the most fabulous young adults I know and their stress with being educated in bad job market.   Yes, I know it’s affecting everyone, but I’m not here to talk about everyone.  Our heads are filled with the American opportunity. Does

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Get a Clean Start!

May 2010 - Get a Clean Start!

by Angela Harper Believe it or not many women are not properly cleansing their faces. With so many products on the market it may be hard to choose. I’ve been through many products before I found the right one for me. I am a Mark Kay consultant and due to the changes in my skin and in the produc

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We Have Been Duped! Fat's Not the Enemy

May 2010 - We Have Been Duped! Fat’s Not the Enemy

by Michelle Burton I have been overweight pretty much my whole entire life. I was the biggest kid in school. My mommy had to shop for clothes for me in the husky section at Sears. Yeah, I know there are some of you reading this article who remembers the husky section at Sears. I was told I

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Credit Card Debt: How Much is Too Much?

May 2010 - Credit Card Debt: How Much is Too Much?

by Michielle DJ Beck Determining when You're in Financial Trouble with Your Credit Card Debt Quite a few books and Web sites provide formulas for calculating whether your current level of consumer debt is too much for your income, but there's a better indication of too much debt. Debt is mu

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Being Love-Able

May 2010 - Being Love-Able

By Rev. Diannia Baty How many of you have said that you want to be loved? You want to be loved for yourself just as you are. What if what you are is not lovable? What unlovable traits do you have? I came to realize that I have some not so compatible traits myself. I am far from perfect. I cann

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Cover Story: Nadia Moffett - The Vision Behind the Crown

May 2010 - Cover Story: Nadia Moffett – The Vision Behind the Crown

by Lisa Thomas It was such a breath of fresh air to speak with 2010 Miss North Carolina USA, Nadia Moffett. She has a soft beautiful presence with a strong vision that follows her. She’s  young but wise beyond her years.  I was particularly interested in Nadia because of her tenacity and pers

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