Are You Listening?

December 2010 - Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? From the Desk of Rev. Diannia Baty © Are you tuned in or tuned out? Are you a good listener? Do you find that you will have a conversation with someone and hardly recall most of what was said? Do people in your life ask you if you are listening to them? Do you sometime

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Featured P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater

December 2010 - Featured P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater

I had the pleasure of speaking with P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater on a cold wintry day. We both snuggled up to a candid conversation about her vision and passion for developing and leading others into their greatest potential. I was fascinated with Jeanette’s journey of success however what

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Missing Carolyn

December 2010 - Missing Carolyn

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty My first cousin Carolyn is not on the earth physically any longer.  I remember a crisp fall day walking in the woods together talking about life and how much we loved each other.  That was the day she told me about her breast cancer diagnosis. We were six months apart

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December 2010 - Where does the time go?

We all have the same 24-hour day. Chia-Li Chien | Nov. 10, 2010 Are you exhausted from working IN your business? Many business owners struggle to grow their businesses, but not because they did not have the right tools. Most in fact, have all the tools they need, but are not using them strateg

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December 2010 - An Observation on Leadership

An Observation on Leadership by Jeannette Fitzwater Do you visualize a typical leader as being clad in a suit and spending many hours in meetings? While I have to admit that I have shared some of these same impressions, I have had my eyes opened. As a participant of Leadership Maryland, I spent

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Food is Fuel So Fill Up with the Good Stuff!

December 2010 - Food is Fuel So Fill Up with the Good Stuff!

By Chef Shane Kelly I met with a friend of mine the other day and during that visit she drank a few diet sodas, and I asked her, “What grade of gas do you put in your fine car?”  She said, “supreme gasoline.”  “And, what would you think if I told you to put that diet soda in your tank

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About the Featured P3 Pearl - Jeannette Fitzwater

December 2010 - About the Featured P3 Pearl – Jeannette Fitzwater

Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater brings over 20 years of varied executive and management experience in Human Resources, Training, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Sales. She has a proven track record of maximizing both individual and organizational performance. Noting her passion for training and busine

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A Year in Review

December 2010 - A Year in Review

by Karyn L Beach The week between Christmas and New Year's is filled with The Year in Review stories. What were the biggest songs and movies and TV shows of the year? Who had the best year? Who had the worst? What stories got the most attention? When I do my goal setting workshops, I always st

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The Power of Closure

December 2010 - The Power of Closure

The Power of Closure by Lisa Thomas ©Copyright 2010.. The Power of Closure is important and critical when you’re creating a new. They say “out with the old and in with the new”, but what happens when you don’t say goodbye to the old? In reflecting on the close of 2010 while embra

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Out With The old, In With The new!

December 2010 - Out With The old, In With The new!

What pieces of life have you been holding on to? Enjoy this reading and discover your own set of towels... The towels…By Lisa Thomas In September 1994, it was a warm day filled with happy and joyous moments. I was wearing a carefully designed tailor made gown; one I had envisioned in my min

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The Last Time

December 2010 - The Last Time

By: Angela Harper I’ve always loved Christmas; something about the songs, the bright lights, and the overall spirit of happiness has always made December a joyous month. I was not one of those children who grew up believing in Santa. My father ruined the magic of St. Nick Christmas of 1989 when

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A Day to Create Dawns

December 2010 - A Day to Create Dawns

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty It is so quiet outside except for the birds. The birds sing when the sky is starting its gray glow towards sunshine. I am easing into my day with my second cup of coffee. I am feeling pretty good as I view all the efforts put forth yesterday. It is the kind of feeli

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December 2010 - I am thankful for…

I Am Thankful For....By Lauren Wilder Every year I do a  list of things I'm thankful for and post them on FaceBook. Before I get to my pretty basic list with my witty commentary I have to get down to what's happened over the last month.   The biggest change was that my roommate  moved

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The Gift that Keeps Giving

December 2010 - The Gift that Keeps Giving

by Karyn L. Beach A few Christmases ago, I decided to give a truly unique gift to my Dad. I enlarged a few of my favorite photos (ones which I had taken), found a really unique frame and created a one-of-a-kind gift. On Christmas Day, I was so excited when my Dad opened it. Then my heart fell.

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How Can a Life Coach Help Fulfill Your Dreams?

December 2010 - How Can a Life Coach Help Fulfill Your Dreams?

By DeLores Pressley If I were to ask you if you liked your job, what would your answer be?  If I were to ask you if the job you have now excites or energizes you, what would your answer be?  Is this the job you have always dreamed of having?  Quite possibly, you may say that you like your job,

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