A Moment Alone

by Annika Murray

Just the other day I walk into my laundry room and to my surprise, I find Alana (almost 7 years old) standing in the corner. She was carefully tucked away in the midst of loads of laundry needing washing, drying, folding and hanging.

I call it “Mt. Murray”, but let’s save that story for another post.

“Alana, what are you doing?” I ask.

“Oh. Nothing”

“Why are you standing in here?”

She responds, “I just needed a moment to myself”. Shocked at her answer I ask if anything is wrong. Then she said, “sometimes I just want to be alone and Alston (almost 4) can be a bit much!”

I tried to maintain my composure and talk to her about this situation. Like any good mother I told her I understand how she feels, but I couldn’t resist stating, sometimes I feel the same way!” Alana then responds, “I know.”

Alana had the right idea, go into the one place nobody cares to really go to. The laundry room has no food, TV, DVDs, computer, sitting area or bath facilities. I even avoid it sometimes, regretfully. Now I know the laundry room is the place to be to escape from the mayhem.

However, as a task oriented mom, I tell her to put a load in the dryer while she is there. I needed the help and she needed the space.

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