A New Day, A New Dawn – A New Declaration!


By Lisa Thomas

A New Day and a New Dawn,

As we embark upon a day of independence, I ask what shall you declare and take back as your own independence – what shall you reclaim, what shall you take back into your hands?

As the days come and go we find many trials and tribulations amongst us. The oil tragedy, healthcare, economic downturns, upturns and side turns, wars and fighting among leaders, countries, citizens, business owners, loved ones – competition and separation in our own communities, strife in marriages, friendships and families.

Where does it end?

We must be the change we want to see. A declaration begins with you. So some time ago, I declared freedom from all concerns other than my own; letting go of the burden and weight to nurture those who wouldn’t nurture themselves and helping those succeed who wanted a free ride. I declared success started with me and then through my success others would follow.

It’s amazing what I’ve seen in retrospect to the declaration. I believe God and universe was waiting on me to declare my own independence! And now, Independence is bliss!

So as we embark on a new day of independence, what shall you declare this day and days to come?

Make it good because remember when you ask, you shall receive!

Blessings to all and a safe holiday!

RE: the photo: I took this photo last year. This plague sits in my sunroom so that I might see it daily. “Believing today is a mirror of receiving tomorrow. So believe in that which you ask, and you shall receive!”..Lisa H. Thomas

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