A Rose is a Rose

From the desk of Rev. Diannia Baty


Oh my goodness, there is a rose that is the wrong color. We need to throw it out. It doesn’t fit with the color scheme. It shouldn’t be there. What are we to do? It is not like the rest of them. How dare that yellow rose try to be with the rest of us?


I say thank goodness there is diversity and major differences in this world. We are all so different in appearance, beliefs, ideas, likes and dislikes. There is not one animal but many different types of creatures in this world. What if there were only birds and just one species of bird on our planet? Imagine walking out the door and seeing only cardinals. I love cardinals. They are beautiful but it is the wide diversity of birds that make each one so beautiful. It is the yellow roses that make me appreciate the red and pink ones.


If we are ever to make profound changes in this world, we must learn to honor our differences and celebrate them. The way we are demonstrating our Godliness is appalling. The skinny people are putting down the fat ones and the fat ones in kind are doing the same to the skinny people. The Catholics are judging the Jewish people and the atheists and the believers are putting down each other. On and on the judgments go. It is like a dog chasing his tail. We aren’t changing a thing. We are only making it worse for each other. When are we going to wake up? Are we going to wake up?


Your way is not the better way; it is only a different way.


Is there a yellow rose in your midst that you won’t accept? Is there someone you won’t accept because they are short or tall, smart or slow, poor or rich, loud or quiet, Lutheran or Jewish, fat or skinny, old or young? If you look real close you will see that even the red roses are different from each other. This is just something to think about?

Diannia is a speaker, author and spiritual leader. She writes for many blogs and teaches spiritual classes ..



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