Accessing Your Power, Purpose and Vision

By Lisa Thomas

In the morning as I awake, it’s sometimes hard getting my eyes to operate as they should. I mean I have to push them open to create a small crack for a glimpse of day. Once I move a little here and there I find myself rising to greater consciousness and my eyes can open a bit wider, but on the onset it seems a great task.

How often is life like that? You’re asleep to life, missing out on the beautiful moments life has to offer. You look up and days, weeks and sometimes months have passed.

Until, well, until you fully open your eyes or someone nudges you and opens them for you. Then you’re able to see things in a much more enlightened way. Some would call that moment a paradigm shift in thinking and seeing things.

As I spoke with the beautiful Valonda Calloway on the My Carolina today show we discussed The P3 Circles of Life, a tool used to begin opening your eyes to a new way of living; a new way such that life can both begin and end with bliss every day where you access power, purpose and Vision!.

The P3 Circles of Life ™ is comprised of three very powerful components; The Spiritual Self, The Emotional Self and The Physical Self. Think of them as three very powerful, yet separate circles that at some point in time merge and become one circle. The journey of life is about merging the three circles.

But first, let’s take a look at them separately:

The first is The Spiritual Self:. The spiritual Self is where vision and purpose resides. Within the spirit of who you are lives a vision. Your journey with this circle lies in the discovery and articulation of the vision. More on that in a future article!

The second is The Emotional Self: The emotional self houses our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Often times our thoughts, feelings and emotions drive our actions. So we must be consciously aware of our thoughts, where they are coming from and the root cause of the thought. Again the work lies within identifying and acknowledging the thoughts that are out of alignment and congruency with the vision. As you take inventory of your emotions, you must then bring your thoughts, feelings and emotions into alignment.

The third is The Physical Self: Where vision meets opportunity! Once clearly defined, vision and purpose will become the foundation of your actions. Vision will dictate and determine your every move, your every interaction and reaction. With such a solid foundation at the helm, you will begin to take strategic actions throughout your day. You could say you are now operating with great intention. With great intention opportunities arise and become available.

Late last year I took on expanding my vision. I’d done lots of work with thousands of women one on one and in small to medium size groups and I’d celebrated that accomplishment. However I knew with a big vision like “every woman lives a life of power, passion and dreams come true”, I had to do something more. I needed a bigger platform. With great intention and deliberate action, I asked around about TV programs and ways of being on TV. By February I was on NBC doing a segment to give women a personal power boost and now regularly on My Carolina Today. It goes to show when you have vision in front of you, the ski is the limit!

So, it is imperative that you take the necessary actions to make your vision a reality. Strategic action is critical. Share the vision, take strategic action, remain open to all possibilities, and take note as things unfold.

After distinguishing The P3 Circles of Life™ and living them moment by moment day by day, you’ll find that the circles merge into one circle. Your eyes are wide open fully awake, living a life more in alignment with your truest most authentic self. You are living a life of power, purpose and vision.

Lisa Thomas is a Vision and Leadership Support Coach, Visionary for Women and Inspirational Speaker. Please contact her at 910 221 9294 or 704 909 7663. Visit the website at

Feel free to contact her directly for your P3 Power Session where you will begin the journey of discovery. It will be the best 60 minutes of your life. Remember, power, purpose and vision begins within the spirit of who you are.

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