Coping with the Recession

By Richard Morgan

The way that it’s standing right now, it looks like the recession is not going away any time soon. Back when it was first announced, many experts said that it would be around the middle of 2009 before we started to see a recovery, but now that the news has been examined and analyzed, it turns out that it’s going to probably be well into 2010 before we see any signs of a definite recovery.

That means that we’re going to have to learn how to cope with what’s ahead.

 First and foremost, understand that the worst thing that you can do is give in to despair. When all that you hear is bad news, when every time that you turn on the television gives you nothing but horrific news, understand that the media’s job is to get people to turn them on – and nothing gets people worked up like bad news.

That means that when you find yourself sinking into a pit of despair, you need to take a deep breath and look at things with a realistic eye. If you’re like most people, you’ll find that you’ve probably got a good reason to have realistic hope in your life.

Next, assess your situation. Forget about how everyone else’s life looks. Concentrate on your own circumstances. Just because you know three people who got laid off doesn’t mean that you’re going to be laid off next. So, take a good, hard look at where you are and see if you can’t work on ways to better strengthen your situation.

After you’ve assessed your situation, sit down and come up with a roadmap for future directions. This is the planning stage of coping with the recession. What it means is that you’ll want to really concentrate on how to best handle your circumstances. Make sure that you don’t do anything drastic in reaction to the economic downturn. Too often, people don’t put enough thought into the planning stage and fail to take into account all of the various factors that need to be examined.

After planning for your future, take a good look around and see if there aren’t any support networks that you can use. Too often, people find themselves overwhelmed by situations and rather than looking to others for help and advice, they try to handle it on their own – and many times, they are crushed under the weight of dealing with things alone.

When it comes to a recession, none of us are truly alone in the mess.

Lastly, take the time to recover from where you’re at. The recession is going to end, and when it does, it’s okay to take some time off and decompress. You’ll probably have been under a tremendous strain, and the last thing you need to do is jump right back into action when the time comes. Instead, take a little breather and then slowly work your way back to where you need to be.

Yes, this recession is going to be tough and it’s going to be hard on you, but remember that it will pass – and that you’ll come out stronger than when you went in.

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