Cover Interview: Paula Shoup and the Big Leap

By Lisa Thomas

I had the privilege of speaking with Paula Shoup from Phoenix, Arizona this month – what an incredible woman! She’s certainly a P3 Pearl making great strides transforming lives and empowering others to follow their passion.

Paula candidly spoke about being in a very lucrative position as Director of Strategic Sourcing. She traveled to multiple geographical locations and explored many opportunities. And, while she was doing an exceptional job she wasn’t being true to her purpose or her passion.

I was particularly interested in Paula’s story because she’s a woman who’s very analytical and is driven by knowing and gathering information; as most analytical people are. For any individual, the analytical world can be a tricky one to navigate. It’s often a source of dissatisfaction for the more analytical types due to their drive to know and analyze everything. Paula talked about the challenges of being analytical and the power that came from embracing that side of who she is. She offers solutions to those like her who may find themselves frustrated by the inability to move beyond their own limitations.

Paula also reveals some solid secrets to moving forward when it appears that everything points to giving up on your dreams, visions or goals. How does one move past the fear, the frustration and the unknown to produce the unimaginable? That’s the question Paula gave answers to during our time together.

This dialogue with Paula is one that you’ll want to listen to again and again. There are real jewels and diamonds throughout the entire conversation. While it was an easy flowing exchange among kindred spirits, one must listen to every word to get the true value of this powerful woman’s insights. Paula is filled with many gifts, but most of all she’s a wonderfully spirited woman with more passion to give than most dream of having.

Paula shares what she knows for sure and two of her favorite quotes. I invite you to sit back, take notes and come back and listen again to absorb all that Paula has to offer.

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