Cover Story: Building Wealth From the Inside Out

By Lisa Thomas

From the beautiful island of Taiwan, this incredibly courageous woman took a chance and moved to the United States in pursuit of a higher education and a big vision. I had the privilege of sitting down to speak with Chia – Li Chien. She took me down her path, shared her journey and gave me some pearls of wisdom along the way.

I loved her story. She shared a vivid experience of what it was like to start a business without a vision in front of her, while here in the States where language was a barrier. She overcame that obstacle with grace and made the shift into a business that was more in alignment with her passion.

I admired her journey because most people are in careers or businesses that are unfulfilling and dissatisfying, yet they stay in them. Chia-Li explained how she transitioned and gave key areas to take notice of in making a big shift like that. You’ll discover what a big transition into something new truly entails.

My fascination with Chia-Li was her ability to bring strategic plans and actions to building a successful business from a “passion and vision” place. The depth of knowledge she brings astounds me. Surely after listening to her knowledge and expertise, you’ll begin to think very differently in how you operate your business. Chia-Li practically teaches you how to put yourself first in building wealth and creating a plan that will continue to build that wealth for years to come.

Sit back as Chia-Li shares her 5 Deadly Mortal Sins, favorite quotes , best advice for women in business, other critical steps in creating wealth and prosperity.

You do not want to miss this interview. Bring pad, paper and your candid ear. You’ll want to rewind this one to be sure you catch every word.

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