Cover Story: Kim Jacobs – Making Life Happen

by Lisa Thomas

Wow, what an amazing woman I had the privilege of meeting recently. She and I sat down to discuss her life and how the journey of pursuing her passion and purpose has been a part of her world for quite a while now. The fabulous woman I speaking about is the tenacious and smart business woman, Kim Jacobs. Kim is a TV show host, wife, mother, and astute business woman. She is by far one of the most humbling yet powerful women I’ve met in a long time. Her presence and voice are strong and assured.

Her story is fascinating. She talks about getting a degree in broadcasting and going to work for corporate America afterwards. She made great money and had wonderful benefits. During our time together she explains the reason(s) for going into to corporate America in the first place. I found her response very familiar. I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself or someone you know when you hear it.

I was struck when she shared how she made the transition from making big bucks in corporate to living her purpose on Daily Balance with Kim on PBS. Her message is perfect for those of you who want to create a winning 2010. Most of us live in a “hopeful and wishful” world, but Kim gives great examples of how to make life happen rather than letting life happen.

Kim’s passion is still unfolding. She will appear on Charlotte Today, a new lifestyles/entertainment program, on WCNC – TV, Charlotte North Carolina where she will co-host the show the week of March 22, 2010.

On February 16th, she will appear with myself on Charlotte Today as a panelist discussing women’s issues and on February 18th, she will be speaking at our P3 Power Boost For Women on the Edge of a Spiritual Awakening.

When you speak your vision out loud, miraculous things happen. Listen as Kim shares her jewels of wisdom, along with her best advice and two quotes to live by.

Sit back and enjoy my time with Kim. Bring your note pad and your favorite drink. You’ll be glad you did.  Lisa Thomas

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