Cover Story: Paying It Forward in a BIG Way!

By Lisa Thomas

Imagine meeting someone who bubbles over with fire about helping others, has a charming personality and breathes new life into the word “vision”. I couldn’t wait to sit down with her to experience what many women are desperately trying to find – Purpose. This P3 Pearl is Lori Moscato.

Lori is truly a P3 Pearl, she has the uncanny and uncommon ability to give over to life as it is happening, yet stand for something extraordinary in the process.  Most of us have wanted something so desperately that we never consider giving into life while allowing things to unfold naturally. We choose instead to take matters into our own hands. We push and prod and rush, to no avail. But Lori, a truly brave soul did just that. She surrendered to life and let it happen in its own way and in its own time.

Lori and her husband Rob had trouble conceiving and went through several rounds of fertility treatments. After much patience and incredible faith she conceived a daughter, Sophia and months later on their own a son. Filled with gratitude, Lori and Rob wanted to find a way to give back. It was in that very moment that inspiration ignited within Lori.

As you listen in, you’ll hear how quickly Lori’s inspiration became an idea which became a foundation. Lori candidly gives new meaning to the word “hope” and the phrase “sweet surrender.” Most wonder how those words can live in the same sentence, but Lori tells us how. She shares her best advice and what she knows for sure.

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Lori Moscato. From thought to concept to reality, Lori is the epitome of vision made real.

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