Creating Heaven on Earth

by Dawn Fleming

Creating Heaven on EarthCreating Heaven on Earth What if we woke up every morning and celebrated the day – happy to be alive and ready for the new adventure? What if we greeted and acknowledged everyone that we meet with love, compassion and respect no matter how they appeared or behaved? What if we accepted challenges as just a part of our life’s experience with no negative inner or external reaction as they arrived and departed? What if we only anticipated and lived with the knowledge that God was taking care of all our needs all the time?

What I am describing here is a new way of living and of being. If we could move our consciousness totally into one of love, acceptance and acknowledging the oneness of everything all the time, even part of the time for a start, our lives would reflect a whole new picture.

Heaven would become a part of our earthly experience. If we each assume responsibility for our personal role in releasing critical judgments and for looking through the eyes of Divine discernment, the world would change over night on a personal and global basis. Identifying our negative thoughts and transforming them to support the life we want, is a huge step for many, but a necessary one. Those situations that we label as difficulties would dissolve as we consciously transform negative thoughts into a cheerleading squad to assist us in realizing our dreams. .

I find myself having really great days, where I know heaven as a part of my soul and that I am able to share and connect with the heavenly perspective in all that I see. I also find that I have days where I wake up in critical judgment of myself and of the world. I fall from heaven suffering into my fears and in the thoughts of separation. Sinking down only to return to remembering the only resolution, the only true path is to return in consciousness back to the Kingdom and to live in this higher perspective.

As you can see the world around us (in business, government, military, religious organizations, and family structures) is trying to choose whether to change from the comfort of the old way of behaving, which has created chaos, fear, deception, poverty, and power struggles, to learning to live differently by climbing the ladder of consciousness. The world is struggling to release old negative behaviors, thought forms and old paradigms in order to make positive shifts both individually and collectively. As each person and organization chooses to embody and live in this heavenly consciousness, it makes it easier for the next person to make the shift. When the essence of what we display is truly love, compassion, respect, faith and gratitude, we create a vibration, an energy field, grounding heaven on earth. Your presence then naturally lifts the spirits of others. It impacts where you work and where you pray. Healing occurs. Negative defenses are dissolved. The energy of heaven becomes permanent on earth, when ever you are and where your mind goes. You see abundance and you are peace, and this spreads around the world.

So when you wake up tomorrow morning and every morning give gratitude for another day. Immerse yourself in the knowledge of the Divine that flows through you as rivers of living water. Anticipate and be open to peaceful resolution to life’s challenges. Send loving thoughts to yourself and to others. Know deep within your heart that your role is to establish heaven on earth. Throughout the day visit your consciousness to ensure that you are creating heaven wherever you are.

If any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, just as the scriptures have said, the rivers of living water shall flow from within him. John 7:21 37-38

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