Developing a Better Connection between Women and Money

By Liz Gamble

Since women are now holding jobs in the marketplace as CEOs’ and presidents, it is necessary to equip women with the tools of dealing with their money with confidence and pride. Men have been always done that. Of course there is no gender in the money itself, but who is holding it makes a big difference. Men and women are different in their lives, their money and just about everything else in life.

Women are multi-taskers at their core, who are still getting underpaid for the work both in the corporate setting and at home. One big reason for this is because a woman finds it hard to say NO when someone either asks her to do something, or asks her for money. A boss will take advantage of this fact and have her working 60 hours a week on a 40 hour a week salary. And she won’t ask for a raise for added work she is doing. Both of these compromises come from the fact that men have not offered her full authority and women have not asked for it. This is even true in the home where the wife/mother works 24/7 yet is getting a small allowance from the husband. She is an equal partner, the house finances and what they are designated for, and the amount for spending, should all be shared knowledge between the two partners.

Women owe it to themselves and their families to take control of their money and to quit undervaluing their worth. It is time for women to understand who they are and their value, and to know that they are equal workers in life. There are some certain characteristics that are prevalent in people who have money. If you are a woman reading this and are serious about getting control over your funds and in your money in general, then take a few minutes to evaluate your lifestyle and see where you stand.

They most important key in establishing yourself is living in a sense of balance and harmony. Harmony is a musical word and it means that all the parts are working together to form the melody. This is the way your life should be – balanced in all areas so that your everyday life is harmonious and without stress or strain. To achieve this you will need to look into all the roles you play – wife, mother, employee, friend, family member, etc. Check and see that the areas are in balance and with each other. Most will find that one or two areas are demanding more of your attention and energy. This kind of overload needs to be adjusted and put back on the level with the rest.

If you are deficient in one area, see what is available for you to correct that – a class, more time alone, maybe something as simple as having a cleaning lady come in once a week to reduce that stress. Adjust your life because when your life is in balance you will make the good decisions that you need to in order to keep your world working well. You’ll find it’s not difficult to stay in that good place, making good decisions, if you are satisfied and settled in all areas of your life.

Another important key is to walk with courage, or at least fake it till you make it. There is no reason to live in fear. You have the world at your finger tips nowadays, and if you investigate anything that you don’t know about, that will keep your fear level down. The old adage is, “What’s the worst that could happen if I ask? They’ll say No.” So get rid of that fear of not asking for what you really want and need for your life. Many of you women are single and raising a family, so your confidence level is what will carry you AND your children, so don’t hold back!

The last characteristic to check is your generosity level. This is so important because it keeps the flow of giving and receiving going in YOUR life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home Mom or a corporate executive, give what you have. If you make the paycheck, give out of that. If you know that your next door neighbor really likes chocolate chip cookies and you know how to make them – Do it! If you can drive the kids to soccer practice while you let the other moms have an hour to themselves – Do it! Whatever well you can give out of to keep the flow going – Do it! A great idea is to have a Garage Sale. You can either give the proceeds or some of the items to someone who needs them, and you’ll get a clean house. The kids can get involved in the action and you can have refreshments out for your neighbors and make it a fun time for everyone! Lots of people get in the flow of this one.

Incorporating generosity into your daily routine is fun and it keeps you thinking creatively, not to mention lets you feel good inside while you are doing something for someone else.

These are the most important keys in finding your confidence and gaining your equilibrium to allow harmony into your life. Once harmony is back, it will only be a matter of consulting or fact-finding when you need to make the right decisions for yourself. Remember that if you are making the right decisions for yourself, they will be the right decisions for all those around you.

The most important thing to remember is, IT IS OK TO SAY NO! Just because you have the money doesn’t mean that you have to give it away, or cosign, even if they are family. Yes that’s right, even if they are family! ‘No’ is a sentence all by itself and sometimes it is exactly what that person needs to hear. Don’t be afraid, taking care of yourself is the best idea you’ve ever had.

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