Embrace Excellence Everyday: My Biggest New Year Resolution

By Incredible

Making New Year resolutions is an age long tradition adopted by many people across all races and religious beliefs. In the past many people have made New Year resolutions that they never kept. Year after year they earnestly resolve to undertake a project, reform a habit or change their lifestyle in some way but they either never got to start it or they abandon the commitment most likely a few weeks into the New Year.

A recent research quoted in Wikipedia supports this. The findings from the research showed that only 12% of participants in a resolution study actually achieved their goals even though 52% were confident that they will achieve their goal.

My chief 2009 New Year resolution is to embrace excellence everyday and make it a lifestyle. Like many people my resolve to embrace excellence everyday in the coming year is born out of the desire to change, to improve and become a better person. Though no one is or can be absolutely perfect, excellence is something we should reach for and attain in many areas of our lives. To attain it, first of all it must be desired since it doesn’t come naturally. Secondly an excellence attitude must be learned. Finally perseverance in maintaining the attitude of excellence in the face of trials will result to a lifestyle of excellence .

I probably made my first New Year resolutions about 15 years ago. However, along the way I stopped the tradition because I had personally failed to keep many of my New Year resolutions in the past. I started again when I found out that there is a right way and a wrong way to make New Year resolution. To make a New Year resolution that is achievable, it has to be something more than just a wish.

The bigger challenge about New Year resolution is clearly not in making them but in keeping them. I have therefore outlined 5 practical ways to keep my biggest resolution for the year 2009 which might be of interest and may be beneficial to you.

1. Make reminders for my resolution

In many ways my failure to keep my past New Year resolutions was due to the fact that I quickly forgot them. I had nothing or nobody to remind me from time to time about my resolutions so that in the course of time, somehow absorbed by the events of the New Year, I return to my former lifestyle or abandon the commitment forgetting completely that I had made a New Year resolution.

The first practical step to keeping my New Year resolution therefore is to write it out and post it in many places as possible to serve as reminder. I will post it by my bedside, by my office/work desk, on the kitchen wall, as a screensaver on my computer, etc.

2. Create activities and set deadlines

If a goal/resolution is not broken down into smaller day to day activities, it would appear unachievable when an attempt is made to achieve it.

Activities and deadline that I will create to help me achieve this goal include, share my resolution to five (5) people within the first week of January, read and digest one book or article on excellence every other week, listen to one tape/attend a seminar on excellence every month. The main purpose of these activities is to inculcate an excellence attitude.

3. Create a sense of accountability

A sense of accountability is required to motivate and also create the urgency to carry out the goals/activities and to meet the deadlines.

In order to create a sense of accountability, three (3) of the five (5) people I share my resolution with will be people I respect like my wife, my pastor and my immediate boss. I will also share my daily, weekly or monthly activities and goals with them and ask them to follow up on me to make sure that I have carried them out. In this way, knowing that I have to report back to people I respect, I will be motivate to carryout the activities and meet my goals.

4. Seek, identify and obtain better ways of achieving excellence

By this I mean being on the look out to identify what I must do or get to make excellence easily achievable in whatever I do. These could be to buy the latest system/software, identify and adopt a better time management method, relocate to or create a more conducive environment, adopt new and better methods of doing things, make new arrangements or new relationships that are beneficial towards attaining my goal of excellence.

5. Appreciate and reward my efforts/achievements

Finally, I will personally track my efforts and my achievements in order to appreciate and reward myself. Everybody needs encouragement and we all can do with some reward from time to time as incentive to give more of our best.

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