Empowering Women to Be Effective Time Managers!

Life Coach, Lisa Thomas of the P3 Group, gives Valonda tips on being an effective time manager.

Ever wonder how it is that your friend, co-worker or associate always seems to get more done than you? After all they have the same 24 hours as you do, don’t they? Even Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey have that same 24 hours, so what gives?

Time and money seem to be the two biggest challenges people face. They both seem to be a tough nut to crack, but we’ll tackle time for now and come back to money on another occasion.

I’ve broken down four major areas to focus in on being an effective time manager.

1. Personal Productivity
2. Delegating Tasks
3. Managing Results
4. Leverage

Before I get into explaining the four areas, consider that managing your time is easy, very easy. What I mean is the “to do” of managing time is easy. What gets in the way of people being effective time managers is their lack of vision or purpose and power and choice over their thoughts about what has to be done. In the absence of these, the “to do” of time management becomes a great challenge. So, know your vision and do the work on your internal thoughts.

Now, let’s just take a look at Personal Productivity for a moment.

Start with what needs to be done. You might even ask yourself, “Am I the only one that can do these things listed?” Most often, people think they are the only ones that can do something which stifles the possibility of expansion and growth. So, it’s imperative that you check the list and be truthful about it. If you are the only one to do it, then make it a priority and don’t waste time getting it done. Do it immediately.

Be sure to put things in a calendar as well. Things placed in a calendar will ensure more so than not that it gets done. It’s hard to get things done when you don’t have a system for remembering to do it.

Focus on one task at a time with all of your attention on that one task. Things get done faster when you give your attention to it. Multitasking only delays the process of completion; focus and complete each task within the time allotted.

When it comes to Delegating Tasks, it’s imperative to know what needs to be done. Remember the old saying “first things first”. Determine the things that need to be attended to first and foremost. When scanning the list, you’ll want to keep in mind the things only you can do or are the best at doing. Whatever is left will be delegated and given to someone else; someone who is effective, competent, experienced and has the ability to produce.

Often times, we delegate to those who don’t have skill, the time or are ineffective. Keep in mind, you’re soliciting the right person for the task.

If you delegate the task, it makes sense to the Manage Results, right? If you do this effectively you’ll delegate, manage and focus only on the results that are being produced or not produced. Now, this does not negate you from putting things in your calendar. In order to manage the results, you’ll need to register them somewhere, so be sure they are in your calendar.

There are a few things to keep in mind when managing results.

1. You must identify milestones and timelines and put them in your calendar.
2. Be in regular communication with the person(s) you’ve delegated the task to.
3. Track their progress and evaluate their results.

Leverage allows you to get more done in the same amount of time; the same 24 hours everyone has. It is a combination of personal productivity, delegating tasks, managing results and optimizing other people’s time, money, efforts, resources and systems. When you are leveraging, you look from a place of “how” to get things done. In essence, you’re strategically looking to see how you can best utilize the resources you have and interestingly enough, you’ll discover more is available to you.

I mentioned Donald Trump. When Donald Trump shares his vision and mission with his management team, he in essence shares with his entire team. It funnels all the way down to housekeeping in his hotels. He leverages his resources to get more done.

These four areas are how you can get your vision out in the world in a big, big way.

We all have the same 24 hours, how are you using yours?

Try these on for size and see just how much you can get done.

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