Getting Outside of the Box

Thinking Outside the Box

by Diannia Baty

It has occurred to me lately that people are simply not thinking outside the box. We have a tendency to think about life from an old mode of what or how to overcome or solve a dilemma. If what has always worked before is not working now, it is time to change it.

In other words, if what you are looking at is not changing then change the way you look at it. If ever there was a time to change the way you think about things, this is it. There is no denying the fact that our world has changed. The only way to survive this change and do it magnificently is to change with it. Fighting against it will not work.

All around the world fortunes are being lost but also found. People are losing their homes to foreclosure. Many of you have lost your jobs and have no income. Some of you are sick and have no health insurance. Relationships are ending because of all the stress that is present. Crime is up because unfortunately some people have used this as a way out of the box. The universal question of “why am I here,” is sounding around the world. Rampant materialism is ending.

The reason there is a Starbucks on almost every corner is because we supported by our purchase gourmet coffee that is almost $4.00 a cup. If you bought one every day for a workweek it added up to an average of $24.00 a week or almost $100.00 a month for coffee! That boggles my mind. That, my readers is over $1000.00 a year for a cup of coffee. No wonder there are so many stores. Now, as times become tight many of these stores are closing. Is it any wonder? My purchases at a Starbucks were a rare treat and certainly not the norm.

Afternoons spent at the home improvement centers are like going to the mall for a lot of you. You go in with the idea in mind to get a few light bulbs and you come out three hours later having spent at least $100.00. I have been guilty of doing this. I leave my credit cards AT HOME now. I have been doing this for some time. If you can see clearly that things are changing then start making changes NOW!

If you have a job and you are complaining then you are not thinking outside the box. Having employment now is more of a blessing than you know. Bloom where you are planted and shine like you have never shone before. Keeping this kind of outlook will insure that you will attract good things into your life. We are universally gravitating toward something better and higher for ourselves. Many of us have never felt peace.

Indeed many of us have never felt happy. We don’t have a clue what it is. We think it is our job so we identify with it. But that is only what we do and not who we are. Any deep spiritual happiness is out of our reach simply because we have not done our due diligence where our soul is concerned. We don’t know who we are much less why are we here? As things and circumstances are being removed from our lives, we quickly go to a default setting of pining after what is gone. What we should be doing is expressing gratitude for what we do have and not for what we don’t have.

Change is a constant. What is happening is not a removal but a transmutation.

Look at the opportunities that are opening up for you. How are you going to fill your life now? If you are sitting there moaning instead of writing on that novel that you haven’t touched for months…shame on you. If you are sitting there telling the whole world what has been done to you instead of thinking about what you can do. Let the cant’s go. This word should not be in your vocabulary.

How can you think outside the box right now?

I am telling you that your creator is leading the way with guidance and signposts along the way. You are being assisted right this moment. Once you understand and use it in your life things will start to change dramatically. So, you have to start thinking outside the box with God too. Have you had God in a box? I am being constantly reminded not to box my spirit in. How about you? Are you feeling a little boxed in? Open the box and allow the expansion to follow. You can tap into more peace and happiness than you can imagine. Stop creating more problems for yourself and create more solutions. God has always told me that if I wanted peace and joy, I had to learn how to be peaceful and joyous. It makes sweet sense to me.

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