God Has a Sense of Humor

by Rev. Diannia Baty

There I was trapped in many dark nights of the soul. Everything in my life felt like purgatory. The only color I saw was gray. All the vivid color of my life was gone. I felt no joy, no peace and laughter was something I only remembered. I was just getting through my days and endless nights of no sleep.

Damn, the driver of that car that changed everything in my life in the blink of an eye. It had been over a year. Sherry, my best friend of many years came to pick me up to go on one of our many lunch and shopping excursions. It was a Saturday and the weekend was ahead of me to do whatever I wanted to do. I was flying high from another successful week at my new job. I had become a shining star in just five months at this new position.

I could do no wrong. I had found my niche in sales. I had earned a big new office with a mahogany desk and a very plush chair. I even had a view. I was feeling pretty satisfied with myself and my life. I was fearless in my approach in sales and all my talents were serving me well. I guess you could say I had become very cocky. I had it all…a good job…a nice house…nice car…I was young and I had my health. According to what I had been taught, I should be content but I felt empty many late nights wondering what was keeping me up. I felt like I was longing for something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was an itch I couldn’t scratch no matter what I did to try and fill the void. I had talked to God many times about this and asked for an answer. I talked to God in conversational tones because to me praying had seemed uncomfortable. I never really felt that God heard me. I was about to discover that I was heard every time. I was always complaining to God and never talked to God when things were going great.

I was about to learn that change is a constant. You cannot avoid it. This is one of the absolute truths of life. I was also about to learn that the answer I prayed for was on its way just not in the way I expected. If anyone had told me that I would look back on this catastrophic event and see the blessing of it, I would have told them they were crazy.

There is an old saying in order to get a mule to move you have to get its attention and in my case a two by four was needed. I guess you could say my life would soon resemble a jigsaw puzzle that had been dropped on the floor.

The driver ran a stop sign and her car hit the (yup, you guessed it) passenger side of the car. Did I say ouch? Sherry drove a very small car and if you want to guess again…it was a Triumph Spitfire. Oh joy of joys. I was in a tin can of a car and Bam! I had always driven big cars of substance because they always fared better in accidents or so I had been told. This time I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I had a second to react and I braced my right arm and right leg against the dash and the floor simultaneously. It was a real big mistake number one.

She was from Vietnam and looked to be about thirteen years old and there was a baby crying in the car loudly! She kept saying “I’m sorry”, over and over again and I told her to check on the child who was by this time screaming. The child was fine and she asked us not to call the police as she (yup, you guessed it) didn’t have a drivers license. The old beat up Buick she was driving looked like it had seen better days. It was a pitiful sight to behold.

She said her name was Hi or something like that. Her accent was strong and it was hard to understand her. There is one more thing. The car had (yup, you guessed it) no insurance. Along came the police car and an ambulance as both of us were messed up. I couldn’t walk. I kept falling down. Shall I go into the joys of the emergency room and the doctors and nurses who were noticeably absent? It was the weekend and they were short staffed.

Why is it that all the bad stuff happens on the weekend? Your dog gets sick on Saturday night or the air-conditioning breaks down on Saturday morning on a very hot weekend. Well as one Doctor put it “the good news is you are not going to die and the bad news is you are not going to die.” I guess he thought he was a regular comedian because he chuckled when he said it. I could tell by the nurse who rolled her eyes at his comment that this was something that he said all the time. I was not impressed.

The final word on everything was when I braced myself on impact I had really screwed everything up. I had some vertebra that had moved from their original positions and my right shoulder was frozen and some tendons were torn and my hips had torqued and twisted out of position to one side. Can you say OUCH?

After all the tests were done and a few days in the hospital they sent me home with pain killers and talk of surgery when all the swelling went down. I could walk with great difficulty and now my new job was gone. The doctors told me it would be a few months before I could return to work. A few months my sweet patootie! The painkillers made me groggy and cranky. In the following months the rounds of tests and office visits had taken its toll. I had no libido, no energy and a bad attitude. I was in pain all the time and my home became as messy as my thoughts.

My husband took off saying he couldn’t take it and I was alone with two dogs I couldn’t walk or play with. My poor babies were starved for attention but faithful companions. They were by my side every moment. They were patient with me and loving. I had no life. What I was about to find out was spiritually before the accident I had no life either. I just thought I did.

The year had passed slowly as time often does for those who are in any kind of pain physical, mental or spiritual and I was experiencing all three. A day to me seemed like a week. I was becoming bitter and it was becoming embedded in my voice and personality. I was wearing my victim stripes proudly. I blamed everyone and everything for my state of affairs. People didn’t like to be around me for long. When you throw a pity party, no one wants to come.

One of those dark panic-filed days wondering what was going to happen to me, I decided to go to one of those huge chain bookstores. You know, the kind that serves you over-priced fancy coffees and has bargain bin books to lure you into spending your cash.

It became my refuge. I spent hours there, drinking coffee and blazing through the books. I was drawn to the new age, metaphysical and spiritual books. One book recommended keeping a journal as a way of recording the spiritual journey. That is when I realized I was on a journey and it sure seemed spiritual to me. I purchased a good notebook and a fancy pen. Then I started meditation and the 180 degree turn had commenced. I had never learned how to be still and quiet the mind. It was intoxicating. I took less and less of the pain killers and told the doctors no surgeries.

The transformation was intense and beautiful. The color was coming back into my life. I had always been an artist but had never done anything with it. I started painting and drawing again and it was my best work ever thus far. I had always written when I was a young girl to escape the pain of a horrible dysfunctional childhood. I started writing more and more and felt such joy in it. I knew it was one of the gifts my creator had given me. I felt more whole than I had ever felt.

Then one rainy night like something out of a Gothic novel, the wind was tearing up the landscape. The rain was coming down in sideways sheets. The zigzag bolts of light were filling up the sky and caused my dogs to hide under the bed. I decided to put on a cd of violin concertos. I was standing at a big window looking outside and the music was so haunting beautiful that I started to weep.

I was very moved. I mouthed the words, “Thank You.” That’s when I heard it. The words were startling clear. “You’re welcome!” I was overwhelmed because I knew instantly without any doubts that the voice I heard was God. It was thousands of voices yet one voice soft and firm with a message for me. This force…this power was speaking to me. So this is what real happiness and joy feels like, I thought. I had never felt it before. Later on I knew that it was my sincere expression of gratitude that brought this experience to me.

What had happened to me is the incredible blessing of direct contact with my creator. The accident changed my life and I am now dedicated to teaching others how to change their perceptions of their lives and how to understand and know God.

I study quantum mechanics, theology, cellular biology, philosophy, other spiritual teachers and their work. I became ordained and I am now a published writer, author and accomplished artist. I am a public speaker and a workshop facilitator. I am also a life coach and I am living my purpose and my path.

Who would have ever thought that a car accident could propel all this? Gods’ voice is soft yet strong. You can hear God in so many ways. Are you listening? Yes, God has a sense of humor. He made a silk purse of a sow’s ear but first he had to get my attention. I had asked for more meaning in my life and wanted to know what my purpose was and I got the answers. God used the two by four that was necessary to get my attention. I asked and I received and I have learned to listen for God’s guidance. It had been there all along.

I keep going back to gratitude and how it changed my life and my path so profoundly. I know the energy of the practice of gratitude can turn anything around. It is a daily practice with me.

I now see the blessing of the accident that changed my life and put me firmly on my spiritual path. I now understand that when you practice gratitude you become a living breathing prayer in action. What I am attracting into my life now is amazing and nothing short of a miracle. This is just something to think about.

Check out Lady Diannia’s websites at www.makeachoicenow.com and www.myspiritletters.com . You can email her at ladydiannia@makeachoicenow.com

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