Healthy Eating on the Run

By Crystal Smith

Eating nutritiously while hurrying through our daily schedule can be a challenge.

Between being on the road, or being rushed through our lunch hours – it is easy to forsake nutrition. However, there are some simple and helpful guidelines on ways to increase your healthy eating. Here are some suggestions and guidelines to help you while eating on the run:

While eating in sit-down restaurants:

1) More and more traditional sit-down style restaurants are offering up healthy eating meals. Order:

a. Steamed veggie platters,

b. Salads,

c. Soups,

d. Low fat dishes. Many eateries devote an entire menu to low fat and/or healthy eating options.

e. Broiled meats

f. Tomato bases instead of cream

If you are unsure of ingredients, ask your server. They should be knowledgeable about menu items.

Many sit-down restaurant meals can be ready in 15 minutes. Order carryout.

2) Order all dressings and condiments on the side. This way you control the amount you would like. This helps in the calorie counting, also.

a. A wonderful salad dressing to be enjoyed consists of simply squeezing a fresh tangerine or orange over your greens.

b. Ask for some fresh orange, lemon, or lime to squeeze over your entrée. The citric acid will offset any saltiness. Plus, it adds taste!

c. Order low fat vinaigrette dressing for your salad.

d. Have your toast or bread served dry, spread your own butter or spread on it. This is when you ask for the butter on the side.

Ordering condiments on the side is an easy way to enjoy healthy eating on the run.

3) If soup is to your liking, choose a non-creamy one such as minestrone, bean, or veggie. Creamy soups are traditionally high in fat and calories. Try egg drop soup (Chinese) or miso (Japanese) for variety. In fact, egg drop soup is considered a ‘free food’ in meal planning. This means low calories.

4) Baked potatoes are another great idea for healthy eating on the run. Enjoy a topping of steamed broccoli and onion. Or, for a complete protein meal pour some baked beans over the baked potato.

a. A very simple and great way to enjoy a baked potato is to simply spritz some butter on it. Then, sprinkle some garlic powder.

Healthy eating guidelines in fast food restaurants:

a. Order broiled chicken sandwiches with fresh veggies on them.

b. Order extra tomatoes for your sandwich.

c. Order a baked potato instead of French fries.

d. Order a salad. Watch out for the dressing, though.

e. Order a low fat salad dressing. Or, order lemon slices.

f. Order fresh fruit instead of sugar-laden desserts.

Healthy eating guidelines for Home preparation:

Of course, the easiest way to enjoy eating healthy on the run is to prepare your food beforehand at home. This will provide you with total control over the ingredients. You will know what is in your food. You also will have control over the portion size, taste, and cost. Schedule time for it.

Here are some easy suggestions and guidelines for healthy eating on the run that you can prepare at home:

a. Mix some fresh herbs with freshly squeezed juice for a low calorie dressing. Store in an airtight container.

b. An apple with peanut butter.

c. Wholegrain sandwich of tuna and mustard.

d. Plain yogurt with fresh fruit.

e. Hummus on either pita bread, English muffin, or fresh veggies..etc.

f. Creamed soup using pureed tofu instead of heavy cream

g. List goes on and on for healthy eating on the run…

These guidelines for eating healthy while on the run are easy to follow. Eating healthy is easier than it used to be, and getting easier every day. Go for it and enjoy!!

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