I am thankful for…

I Am Thankful For….By Lauren Wilder

Every year I do a  list of things I’m thankful for and post them on FaceBook.

Before I get to my pretty basic list with my witty commentary I have to get down to what’s happened over the last month.   The biggest change was that my roommate  moved out, abruptly.  By the time you read this I’ll be twiddling my thumbs in an empty common room. She was uncomfortable with our living situation.  Some people do not react to change very well and she is one of them.  Also once you’ve inhabited a place longer than the other roommates you kinda mark your territory.

This move out was and still is the biggest inconvenience for one there’s a hunt for furniture (it was all hers), appliances, kitchenware, etc., but that’s somewhat of an easy fix.  What’s not an easy fix is sitting in the dark because all the bills are under her name.  We (my other roommate and I) were given short notice to her transferring service which happened on a Tuesday and the notice on a Monday.  Her excuse?  Apparently the representatives told her that this day was all they had available(yeah, the soonest).  Well that part is over and I’m still switching the lights to make sure they work.

The one thing I’ve learned in living with other people is that you need to know when to pick  your battles.  People are going to do whatever they want and you can’t spend time trying to make them do what makes you think they should.  I’m not saying to let everything roll off, by all means let it be known what makes you uncomfortable.  Sometimes if you can live with it just let it go.  However, I’m for open communication and I don’t mean sending me an email after you’ve walked by me 3 times (yep, she did this).  This would be my second awkward roommate experience and I’m glad it’s over.

This leads me into the first thing I’m thankful for…

Peace where I live.  It really did suck having to come home to tension.

One-day jobs.  They always pop up at the most convenient times and really makes me think a higher power is at work.

Understanding the meaning of friendship because I know when to invest time and energy.

This extra push to get on the right path.  Things are not fabulous and I’m struggling (who isn’t these days?), but it’s actually made me want to do more.

Music.  If I’m feeling blah it’s an instant pick-me-up.

Having a place to live even though I’m annoyed with the drafts and horrible cell phone service.  It’s a pretty cool place actually.

Holidays are here it’s really time to look on the bright side of things.

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