Let’s Talk About Abundance

By Diannia Baty

I grew up with scarcity. My family struggled to get by and many times I was unaware of it until I wanted something and my parents could not afford it. My father gave us a real sense of the value of money when he told us if we wanted the extras we had to find a way to earn it. Babysitting, housecleaning, mowing yards and doing any and all odd jobs was the only way to do it if you are a kid. Whatever we bought with our hard earned money was cherished and taken care of because we knew the value of a dollar.

Mom used to refer to us as the poor relations as if we had some kind of disease that was contagious. I do know that when we were with families that were better off they treated us differently. It made me feel as if my very presence was tainted somehow. I always felt shame and was not certain why. Was God punishing us for something? I wanted to know God so much but felt like a sinner because we were poor.

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Achiever? Is it truly possible to be both spiritual and be a high achiever? So many of the teachings many of us have learned growing up (and continue to learn today) are that to be spiritual, you need to put God above all else. In fact, many suggest that you should forsake all other pursuits and focus only on your relationship with God.

I was taught, that “you can’t serve two masters,” and that “money is the root of all evil.” I learned that it was “easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” If taken literally, it would seem that pursuing a life of financial abundance would prevent you from being spiritual. And to be spiritual, you need to be, at most, in the financial middle class.

But is it possible that despite these teachings that almost every one has heard, that it is not only possible to be rich and spiritual, but that being wealthy is an avenue towards even greater spirituality? Despite my many years of hearing about the dangers and evils of money, I firmly believe that the road to true spirituality is the same road to financial abundance.

Let me begin with my Six Tenants of my belief before going into details about why I am certain that money is not the root of any evil, let alone being the root of all evil.

God Exists.

  1. We have access to God, for we were made in the image of God. Meaning, our true source, is God.
  2. Our thoughts are sources of energy and have extraordinary creative powers when in alignment with our Core Beliefs.
  3. All change occurs outside of our comfort zone. To grow, we must expand our knowledge and our lives.
  4. The Law of Attraction does not just bring you what you think about, but it brings to you what you think you are.
  5. We can all accomplish anything, for we are connected to God. And with God, all things are possible.


Holding these beliefs is critical for succeeding spiritually. Without adhering to any one of these will create conflicts of belief and derail your progress. I feel it is also important to list the commonly held beliefs that are taught to many of us and explain briefly why they only serve to hold us back.

God exists and is the judge of our lives – If we accept this belief, then God is someone to be feared and cautious of, instead of a powerful loving force to whom we should strive to have a relationship with. God loves all, and wants all to fully experience their lives to the fullest. With the gift of life does come responsibility, but living in fear and in guilt is not a responsible way to appreciate the gift.

Money, and the quest for worldly success, will steal away your soul and will lead to evil- I have spent time in a third world country and have seen first hand what poverty looks like. The crime, the violence, and desperation and the absence of hope are everywhere. Though I never advocate making the accumulation of wealth the only or even the top priority in anyone’s life, I know that money is not the root of anything evil, but that poverty is! I have seen poverty and I have been there. It is a lonely sad place to be. Survival is the only thing you think about.

We are limited, human, mortal beings and deserve nothing because we are sinners. It is only through God that we can receive and only receive those things that He/She feels we are worthy of – We are not just physical beings but are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are sinners only if we label ourselves as such, and do so out of guilt and past conditioning. You and I deserve a fully abundant life; filled with empowering relationships, excellent health, abundant financial resources, and a truly fulfilled life. Anything less than a magnificent life is a waste of the precious gift of life.

If there is sin (and I am certain that there is) it is in not fully enjoying life and living it, instead, chained by guilt and not developing your highest and best potential. When you are the highest and best you that you can be you are adding to and not subtracting from the world.

Our lives are predestined- Though God lives only in the now, without a past or present, we experience the passage of time. And through this experience, we make choices and decisions. Our free will to design our lives allows us to decide our own destiny. God created us out of love and through His/Her unlimited and perfect intelligence.

Why would a creator create life whose only intention was to play out a scripted series of events? This would mean you have no choice and therefore no free will! That would mean that we are just pieces on a chess board waiting for destiny to move us around and we have no say in the matter at all.

I do not to pretend to understand God, for God is so far beyond my limited ability to think. What I do know, however, is that the humanized God of most religions places limitations of that which cannot be limited or contained. It is only by making direct contact with God that we can begin to grasp what God is in our lives. And it is by having a direct relationship with God that our lives can truly be fulfilled through guidance and in the co-creation process that we are a part of. God delights in us when we are pro-active in our life.

All things are made up of energy. The energy that is the base of a piece of ice in one of Saturn’s rings is the same energy that makes our bodies, minds, and thoughts.

We are all connected by this energy of intelligence and intention, and, when our thoughts vibrate at the same energy level as this energy, we are one with God. I am one with God and I know this but I do slip into a negative thinking mode every now and then. When this happens everything around me seems to fall apart until I remember that all I have to do is change my thoughts to change my world. After all it is me that created the negative thoughts and emotions and it is me that can change it in an instant.

All things being equal…abundance and prosperity is different for everyone. I don’t have to be wealthy in terms of millions of dollars in the bank.

What I consider wealth is true friends, bills paid, good food on the table that I can share with others and health. You might ask yourself what you consider wealth and if what you have chosen to believe is making you happy, fulfilled and closer with God.

This is just something to think about!

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