Letting Go of Control

By Diannia Baty

Lately, one of the things that keeps coming up to me is controls issues I observe in people. It seems to be more prevalent now than ever before. As our world swirls with changes in our economy, our climate and talk about the year 2012, control over everything else is the talk of the day. Control is a funny thing. The more you try and control things the less control you have. Control is a heavy hard hand.

Are you a controlling person? Most people who are would say that they aren’t. A common answer would be that they just like things to run smoothly. What they mean is that they want the people in their life to be or act a certain way. If you want a clue if you are this type of person take a look at your life and you will get your biggest tip-off. Stress will rule your days with a capitol S. You will stress if your lunch is not served quickly enough. You will stress if your daughter is not acting a certain way and stress if she is because you always think something is awry. You will stress if someone frowns or laughs too much. You will stress if you have heartburn, thinking you are having a heart problem.

Relaxing and slowing down is not an option for you. You think lightheartedness is a waste of time. You don’t sleep well. You may startle easily. Someone comes around the corner and you jump out of your skin. Basically what I am saying to you is the tighter you hold on, the more of a pressure vise you put yourself in? It is way beyond time to chill out a little as the saying goes.

You can control a car or control a dog’s behavior with training but you cannot, and I mean cannot, control other people. You just think you can! While you think you are controlling that man of yours, he is doing a lot to get back at you with passive aggressive behavior. The more you try and control people, the more ways they will find to resist that control.

There is another funny fact about control. You would think you would feel better when you are controlling your environment and all the people in it. But, you don’t feel any better and it doesn’t improve your life. It also makes everyone around you miserable because they know they don’t measure up in your eyes. They feel criticized and put down. They resent it! Your relationships are in trouble. When was the last time you felt true compassion and understanding instead of irritation, anger, aggravation and worry?

When you expect the best from someone and applaud every success, you will create a situation of shared energy vibration that says you love and approve of them. It is important to look at all the good. If you are trying to control everything around you, you are anticipating and seeing only the negatives. You then start to attract more events into your life that will push your controlling hot buttons.

Pry your grip worn fingers slowly off the control switch and just let go. Your world will not fall apart. In fact, everything will slowly start to improve. Love will be easier to express both from you and to you. Allow the people in your life to be who they are. Accept them and all their imperfections and faults. News Flash! You have them too! Acceptance is a practice that will take you spiritually further than just about anything I can suggest.

Take a look at your life and all that you are trying to control. Is it working? If you are honest you will say absolutely not. If that is the case then maybe a different approach to life would be called for. Allow life to flow like water and find its own level. The good news is that you can control your communion and connection to God, instantly. There is no waiting. Ask God to show you how to let go of all the control issues so you can come spiritually alive. God is the answer and always will be. So the next time someone doesn’t take out the trash in a timely manner or traffic gets a little hairy…just let go!

Let Go And Let God!

Now for a little story. There was a man who fell off a cliff and as he slipped and fell he caught onto some roots of a tree that were sticking out of the cliff. He was hanging on for dear life a thousand feet up. He started to pray for God to save him. He was not ready to die in this horrible way. He saw a bright white light and heard God’s voice tell him to let go and that He would catch him. The man thought for a few seconds and said, “Is there anyone else up there?” My point is to just let go. This is just something to think about.

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