Little Things Make a Big Difference

By Nicole Beck

Love is in the details, the every day. Big gestures are great and can really show a person you care, but the little things you do every day will really show your significant other that you love them. The small things to do to convey your feelings will be more memorable and my joyful, because they speak not just to the here and now, but to the long term of your love.

Spontaneity is a key ingredient in expressing love. This does not necessarily mean a last minute vacation or surprise candlelit dinner (though they don’t hurt), spontaneity can be as simple as saying “I love you” in the middle of folding laundry. I love you’s are always great, but just saying them before bed or when you leave is a disservice to your partner. Make I love you more than just a routine farewell, say it at the oddest moments, and your significant other will truly feel loved.

A touch, a kiss, an embrace can also be spontaneous acts. Again, don’t let these gestures fall into certain times. Plant a kiss on your partner’s cheek while you’re watching TV or on their shoulder as they brush their teeth. Nothing says love like affection during the most mundane of household happenings.

The smallest physical gesture can also warm your partner’s heart more than a steamy kiss or flirty embrace. Touching the face or hair of your partner signals your feelings go beyond lust to love. Holding in hands in public is also a great sign of love. Not only do you want to be close to your partner, but also you’re showing everyone around you how you feel (without grossing anybody out).

One of the best ways to show love is to pay attention. Not just to what your partner says, but to what they do and their reactions to events and to your own conversations. If you ask how their day was, listen to the answer. Even if they’re venting about work for the eight millionth time, listening, support and understanding are fundamental in showing your love. If you know they’re going through something particularly hard or they have an important event taking place, ask about it. Ask if you can help. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to help someone through a difficult time. We don’t know how to approach it, even with those we love. When we’re truly at a loss, it’s important to ask what we can do. The other person may not know either, but the effort may be an important part in helping them. Always let your partner know you’re listening and you care.

Another great way to show your love is probably one of the hardest yet simplest things to do for your partner. Do something they want to do that you don’t think you’ll enjoy. But, beyond that, make a true, honest effort to enjoy it. Don’t say you’ll go to some sappy love story movie and then complain the whole time, see if you can’t find something in the experience enjoyable. Don’t go to a sporting event and scowl and cross your arms the whole time asking to go home early, give the sport a chance. Opening your mind for your significant other is a great way to show you truly care about them.

There are millions of little ways to show your significant other your love. These are just a few ideas to make everyday life with your partner just a little sweeter while showing them your deep and abiding love.

Nicole Beck is a high school English teacher. I have also worked in daycare, career services, retail, and tutoring.

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