Love is Patient, Love is Kind

By Lisa Thomas

A biblical message of love says

Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
It does not boast
It’s not proud,

And I’d add
Love isn’t a matter of convenience but one of conviction…
Love is loyal, selfless and attentive

Love creates, penetrates, permeates, integrates and initiates
Love finds, defines and sometimes combines
and aligns but never confines …

Love is a commitment, a dedication, a realization, a medication for all illnesses.
Love is unlimited communication, not separation but a combination – it’s one..
Love is open, it frees and honors..

I’d found love in my life – it soothed me, appeased and pleased me..
Left me on a high, high enough to fly.
It inspired me, freed me, I did things I never thought could be
I believed and I could conceive all my dreams.

And now I know – love is big, massive, explosive, and organic…and can be selective..
It has wings like an eagle,
it honors, it frees and can work like a seagull…
It’s strong
with an unbreakable bond
it travels far and wide
to the other side
of the world,
It’s authentic, it’s true and never lies…
It finds, defines and sometimes combines
And aligns but never confines…
It forgives but never makes the same mistake twice..
Love is a walk not a talk
It’s a deep commitment, dedication, a realization of all things .
It has integrity, unlimited communication, never a separation but a combination – it IS ONE!!
It’s not always convenient but intentional.
It is open, it honors and never brags or boast
But gives a toast
It expresses never suppresses,,
For it IS……if you let it…

I’m excited I found love as it’s truth as it’s supposed to be

It is …
I am…
I will….
It shall come to
with and for me
as its suppose to be…

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