Wilder in Real Life: Mom, you were right.


I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a hard-head and there’s a saying for that too, I’m sure many of you know.  I remember when I was 5 years old this was perhaps my first truly hard-head moment…

My mother told me that I could not go to my god-sister’s house that day.  At the time we lived in the same neighborhood only a few blocks down the street.  I decided that I was going to go anyway.  My twin sister pleaded for me not to go and I almost clearly remember saying, “I want to go so I’m going.”

It amazes me that this trait followed me into adulthood.  The point of it now is to decide if I want to change it.

So I took my adventure with my sister hesitantly trailing behind.  I didn’t think of getting caught by my godfather I just knew that I was stuck on doing exactly what I wanted.  My mother was furious and she asked me why did I do it after she told me I couldn’t go.  I said that I wanted to (kiss of death).  I couldn’t tell you what my punishment was, but I just remember a sense of liberation.  However, I didn’t even think about the danger of being kid wandering off alone.

There are many things about myself that haven’t changed since I was a kid.  I recognize it more now.  Like a lot mother-daughter relationships, I think I know more than my mom.  In the daughter perspective I want to make my own way and mistakes, but sometimes it’s simply unnecessary.  The idea of doing something impulsively seems cool and adventurous in the case of my childhood journey was just plain stupidity.

At the age of 24 3/4 (who’s counting) I’ve realized how much I’ve disregarded my mother’s advice.  I’ve set within myself to figure things out on my own.  It’s not always the best way and I may not admit the advice I received in the beginning was right all along.  Life would be a bit easier if I listen to someone who has been through it before.  It’s not hot air or mindless babble as I used to think, but assistance coming from someone who has my best interest at heart.

This post is perhaps the most appropriate for Mother’s Day and this epiphany is  recent and I feel it’s long over due.  I read this poem on Facebook more like a chain letter that could not have been more on point with mother-daughter relationships:

At 3 yrs “Mommy, I love you.”

At 10 yrs “Mom whatever.”

At 16 yrs “My Mom is so annoying.”

At 18 yrs “I wanna leave this house.”

At 25 yrs “Mom, you were right.”

At 30 yrs “I wanna go to Mom’s house.”

At 50 yrs “I don’t wanna lose my Mom.”

At 70 yrs “I would give up EVERYTHING for my Mama to be here with me.”

*You only have 1 Mom. Post this if you love and appreciate your Mom.*



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