Notes from the Editor: January is Get Organized Month!

By Karyn L. Beach

January has been designated as Get Organized Month . January is the time for new beginnings, making resolutions and setting goals. Adding organization to that mix increases your chances of success.

Regardless of what your goals are, everything will run a little smoother with a little organization. Clearing clutter alone could eliminate 40% of household chores – freeing up valuable time that you could use to exercise, write that novel you’ve been thinking about, or spend some extra quality time with the family.

A little organization can go a long way to helping you eliminate extra stress. If your mornings run smoother, you will be setting a positive tone that can follow you through the day. Less stress can be a boon for you as well, if your goals include weight loss or smoking cessation.

Here are a few of the organization tips that have helped me the most.

A Proper Place or Space : Find a convenient and logical place for items you frequently misplace like keys, glasses and cell phones. I purchased a small stand with a single drawer that fits perfectly by my door. In it, I place my keys and the dog’s leash. It’s convenient because it’s right by the door and it’s easy to just throw my keys in it or on top of it.

List It : Before leaving work, take a minute or two to jot down everything you need to take care of tomorrow. This way you won’t leave with that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something. If you do think of something on the drive home, simply call your work voicemail and leave yourself a message! I also do a more general list at the end of the day for personal issues.

Hangers and Hampers : In the morning, when I dress, I hang my hangers on the closet door or place them on top of my hamper. In the evening, I get dressed standing in front of the hamper. Dirty clothes go in immediately. Since my hangers are easy to find, anything I can wear again gets hung up immediately too.

5 Night Time Minutes : I take five to ten minutes at the end of the day to prepare for the next day (lay out clothes, fix lunch, etc.). Just a few minutes at night can save valuable time and stress in the morning.

If you are interested in getting rid of clutter and getting a little more organized, I have an e-book called Get It Together Girl: A 28-Day Program for Practical NOT Perfect Home Organization . Each weekday features a 15-minute organization assignment. Weekends are optional. At the end of each week; I also give some tips on how to stay organized. Tips so simple that even husbands can do them!

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