Notes from the Editor: Own It, Claim It, Proclaim It

By Karyn L. Beach

I’m 40 years old and God willing, soon I’ll be 41. I tend to look younger than my age, so on occasion; I’ve been a bit of a fly on the wall when younger people talk about: how ridiculous it is to have a baby after 40 or when they make catty cougar comments about women who enjoy the company of younger men or when they offer their opinions of what clothes women-of-a-certain-age should and should not wear.

As a woman, I know it’s my prerogative not to disclose my age; but I don’t mind it. In fact, I’ve never wanted to be younger or envied younger women. I’ve enjoyed all of my years (except the teen ones) and I don’t feel the need to go back and revisit them. I’m fine where I am right now. I’m okay and I don’t care who knows I’m 40.

Whatever your age, don’t be afraid to claim it. You’ve earned the right to be proud. Your age is one part of who you are and why should you try to hide it? Every experience you have had over the years has contributed to who you are now, and come on, would you really want to be 21 again? I know I wouldn’t.

21 is great, if you are 21, and if you are, be proud. It’s the oldest you’ve ever been! It’s an accomplishment. Have fun. Enjoy your time! But, here’s the kicker, I would give that exact same advice to someone who is 41, 61 or 81 years old.

We are such a youth-obsessed culture. But there is more to life than being wrinkle and stretch mark free. I cringe sometimes when I think of some of the things I used to think or do when I was in my 20’s and even 30’s. I enjoy the fact that I can have a two-page resume that isn’t padded with fluff but is loaded with real and tangible experience.

I like the fact that my insurance is lower just because I’m a little older. I like the fact that I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. Now when I see certain situations arise, I can nip them in the bud before they even start. I like the maturity that comes simply from living and I look forward to living more, learning more and having new experiences.

I’ve heard is said lately that 40 is the new 20. Well, for me 40 is the new 40 and that that’s a good thing.

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