One Creation

by Sarah Liddle

Within the universe, within you, within me is the power, the power of all things. This power is not separate from the power of another; the power of ourselves is also the power of another. Everything is an inseparable one creation, the entire universe makes us up, and we make the entire universe up. Because we are everything and everything is us we are all that is.

Acknowledge that everything is from the same one substance. Everything at its core is energy. The One Creationenergy maybe seen as separated, this is you, and that is me but ultimately it is all one energy oscillating at different speeds.

Acknowledge and recognize that you are not separate from the universe rather you are one with the universe. One creation of all that is. Because you are all that is you deserve anything that you can believe in because you are a part of everything. It is your natural birthright to have and be anything you desire to have or be. When you know that you can create whatever you like you can bring it to you effortlessly through specific conscious-day tools.

The one creation wants you to have it all, it wants you to have the vision that you aspire at creating every day. If you believe in creating this vision for yourself and you believe in it wholeheartedly then the one creation will do everything within its power to give you your vision. The universe withholds nothing. If you have the intention and the belief, then the universe will deliver since it wants what you want. If you don’t know what you want in a clear well defined manner then the one creation won’t know what to deliver to you. You will cause confusion within it and ultimately it will stop trying to deliver you what you think you want one minute and then what you want the next minute. It will not be able to keep up.

Until you get extremely clear and intentional on what you want and believe that you can have it, the one creation will purposefully act upon your desire. It will not accept scattered energy on your behalf or little belief for what you want and again it will not know what to do. When you become so clear upon what you desire your unconscious takes over and you no longer need to consciously think about it, it thinks for you.

If you use this method of always wanting as a path for always wanting some form of salvation in the future then you are running away from the present moment. If you seek the salvation in the future and run away from the moment, you will give up all points of power you have. The power for creation only lies in the moment, run away from the moment and you lose your ability to create. When you lose this ability of present day creation, you create an uncertain future because each individual moment has not been taken care of. You have not properly laid the harvest down.

Accept what you have in the moment, whatever it is, it is here to serve you. Acknowledge itsvalidity and choose to uncover its purpose to allow its service for you. Do not hide from what is steering you in the face eventually you will need to face it especially if is standing at the front door that you need to walk through.

Everything is exactly where it needs to be, there are no mis-takes within the one creation.
If you believe out of pure unconditional love that everything is where it needs to be right now including you then there is no need to worry.

If you make this, a habit to practice love for all that is you create that feeling inside you. Feelings are a part of what your energy is comprised of. If you set within you the frequency of love at all times for all that is then you begin to emit the frequency of love.

If something is in your life that you believe is “bad” or “evil” and you are letting it make you unhappy. Realizing that nothing can make you unhappy but yourself and the meaning you attach to it. Then use the intention that it has come here to serve you, to help you grow and transcend through it, over it or past it. Honor it and be intentional in giving it the love that you would give yourself and the one creation. It is a part of all that is, in its form it may not be honoring you the way you would like, but somewhere within the infinite somehow it is serving you a grandiose purpose.

The purpose of things is not always recognizable straight away, they must unfold at times to allow the opportunity to best present itself to us. This is part of the beauty and natural spontaneity of all that is.

Be aware as you make these changes with all that is. Notice the subtlety of the changes in the people and environment around you.

Be aware that you have an unconscious effect upon them, they may not be able to articulate in words the changes that they feel you are making but within their souls they feel a shift, within their consciousness they feel a shifting in plates.

Be a role model for others as you lead yourself through these changes you are also leading others.

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