Our Cover Interview: Dr. Joy Ohayia

by Lisa Thomas

After speaking on a panel of incredible women at the Women’s Empowerment Expo 2009, with over 20,000 women in attendance, I stumbled upon another incredible speaker. Standing at 5 foot even was a poised, statuesque woman with a body most would die for. She had on an amazing pink dress that perfectly complimented her perfect form and a smile that radiated across the room. Although she looked really young, she had a wisdom about her. She was supposed to be on the same panel as I was but as the day’s agenda changed, we ended up on different panels. When another panelist introduced us, I felt an instant connection to another woman out to motivate and transform lives.

Her name is Dr. Joy Ohayia. She’s the author of Don’t Let “IT” Get You and BluePrint For Success. I was so fascinated by her ageless appearance and her passion for health and wellness that within a few seconds I knew she would be our June P3 Pearl Cover Girl.

At 47, looking very much in her early 30’s, she’s holding her own. Dr. Joy and I finally caught up a few months later. We sat down for a little girl talk about her vision and how she made it where she is now, her regimen for her fabulous body and how she’s been able to stay so fit with two children.

You’ll discover the meaning of Dr. Joy’s coined phrase, “the it’s” of life which often times lead to disaster when it comes to producing results.

There are also some tender moments during our talk. One in particular stands out when she candidly reveals how her life was while wearing the golden handcuffs. She opens up about that time in her life and offers what actually drove her into the arms of her truth passion for health and fitness.

You’ll experience her deep desire to share her wisdom when she explains the 5 steps to a good workout which will give you maximum results you’ve been looking for. She states “just because you’re working out, doesn’t mean you can eat anything. A perfect combination of both fitness and healthy eating is key.”

She even gave me a tip on my workout as well. Believe me, you want to sit back and listen to this hour of unscripted girl talk with Dr. Joy. Find out what she knows for sure, two of her favorite quotes and a new “mantra” I shared with her that we both agree is worth sharing with all women pursuing a strong vision.

Enjoy this moment with me, Lisa Thomas with Dr. Joy Ohayia.

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