Our Cover: P3, The Italian Way

By Lisa Thomas

 As I stood on the streets in Milan, Italy, I witnessed a number of incidences. First, a woman reached over and touched what appeared to be a friend on her shoulders and blew kisses in the air to her left and then to her right. Just a few steps away from the women was a peaceful-looking gentleman sitting in the company of a beautiful woman. His flowing Italian words put a smile on her face – one he couldn’t help but radiate back at her. And, a few steps from him, a young gentlemen (who looked to be about 15) was enjoying what appeared to be an Italian version of a Bud Light with lime. He was savoring every sip. All of this occurring in a big opening outside of a restaurant where more people were sitting, enjoying a meal at, experiencing a fine wine or, sipping a cup of coffee.

These people appeared to be relaxed, calm and very much conscious of their quality of life. Quite the free spirits, I’d say. As I walked a bit further down the street and through a park, I saw a young man lying on a park bench taking a nap. In the grass was a woman with a sundress reading a book. Under a big beautiful tree, there were three young ladies having a sandwich while a couple nearby were engaged in a passionate kiss.

 Life seemed so enjoyable for everyone. The emphasis was on being present, in the moment, just enjoying the company of others and the quality of life. I was awe of the beautiful country already but the people and their warm spirits captivated my heart.

Later during my stay, my sister and I met a woman from Columbia, South America who spoke English. She spotted us saw us fumbling our way through the grocery store. She stopped and shared an Italian secret which both surprised us and allowed us to experience grocery shopping and food in Italy like most never will.

 Her name was Marina Sanchez, and she was a member of a group called the Benvenuto Club of Milan. It’s a nonprofit organization of English speaking women who live in Italy. We had the pleasure of spending the next day with them and visiting Bellagio. Quickly we found ourselves becoming good friends with the many of these incredible Milanese women. I later met the President of the Club, Sandhya Gupta.

I’ll share the secret we learned in the grocery store later and more about my overall trip but for now, I want to introduce you to Sandhya Gupta, one of the world’s greatest hidden P3 Pearls. I know hearing her story will inspire all of you to live a more fulfilling life of Power, Passion and Purpose. She’s a woman of grace who exudes power through her poise and humbling demeanor. Who knew all of these attributes could live in such an extraordinary leader?

Imagine finding yourself in a different culture with people surrounded by people who have a different way of living and sometimes even a different philosophy of life. That’s the thought I had in my mind as I watched those two ladies share a tender greeting, the man speaking Italian to his lover and the couple kissing in the park. I wondered what would life be like if I suddenly lived in a foreign land where I knew no one. How would I cope?

How would I blend in and still stay true to who I am? Sandhya is our very testament to remaining grounded in a foreign land. And how despite cultural differences the cornerstones of friendship and womanhood remain.

 She opens up about living in India, the US and ultimately Italy. She shares the secret to experiencing an easy life no matter what culture you find yourself in.

She unlocks the doors to what she knows for sure and the best advice for any leader desiring to empower a team.

Sit back and enjoy the great message from Sandhya Gutpa of Milan, Italy.


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