P3 Jewel Ashley Lambert: Never Standing Alone

By: Angela Harper

When I approached Lisa Thomas with the idea of creating, “The P3 Jewels,” I was not fully sure what I was asking, but knew it needed to be done. The P3 Power Boost has grown tremendously and our number of young readers has increased. We’ve all felt the generational gap in some magnitude and it’s my intent to help close that gap. I wanted to create a section of The P3 Power Boost that would highlight younger women who are living a life of Power, Purpose, and Passion! Lisa is a visionary and pushed me to get this section started. I am excited and honored to bring our readers a P3 Jewel each month to accompany our P3 Pearl!

I’ve heard countless times from various people that it is wise to surround yourself with positive, honest, and like minded people. The concept of doing this may not immediately make sense; however, once it’s applied to your daily routine, everything falls into place. Throughout my dialogue with young entrepreneur, Ashley Lambert, I received more confirmation on the importance of surrounding yourself with dynamic individuals. At 26 years of age, Ashley Lambert has made amazing accomplishments and gained knowledge that others may take years to acquire. As the CEO of Ashley Lambert Realty, she has met her share of obstacles, but has defeated them with style, grace, and an energetic personality that will captivate your attention for hours!

The spirit of entrepreneurship has always been a part of her and she’s had the chance to assist others with their business ventures and take a try at her own. She earned her undergraduate degree in education and biology at Salem College and studied accounting at Guilford College and Guilford Technical Community College. Ashley has found success as an independent business owner in Amway and Pre-Paid Legal. Not having a glass ceiling on her possible income and able to get rewarded for her hard work has been a driving force in her business ventures, but more importantly a connection with her clients has been most significant. “I had a team of 270 people when I did Pre-Paid Legal,” she says, “but I didn’t know my team. I believe it’s imperative to build a strong relationship with your teammates and clients; this was something I was unable to do.”

We chatted more about her journey into real estate and how she moved from being an assistant to a realtor to owning her own company. With excitement she explained to me that while working as an assistant she became interested in the teaching aspect of real estate. “I began training to be a Buyer’s Agent and loved it,” she explained, “I want people to make a sound decision when buying a home; buy from facts and not emotions.” She worked diligently for the company until she felt it was time to “fly the coop.” Ashley may be petite in stature, but is a giant in confidence! She took her leap of faith, started her own real estate agency, and has yet to look back!

Even the most adventurous and fearless person has that moment when they reconsider what they’re doing or about to do. When asked what were her biggest challenges starting Ashley Lambert Realty, “Having the courage to put my name on it, setting myself apart from others, and creating a genuine open door policy for my clients to ask questions. It was a big responsibility and I did have my doubts, but I continued to work for what I wanted.” Through her hard work and perseverance she achieved this goal.

Setting her company apart from other companies came when she put her personal morals into her company, “I educate my clients. I want to make sure they are making the best decision for them; not the best decision for me. I have to be able to sleep at night!” Her education for clients is not limited to those who are in the process of buying a home. Ashley has started a series of video blogs (vlogs) teaching the general public about home buying and renting. I’ve taken a liking to watching the vlogs and have gained information that I was completely clueless about! The human connection between businesses and clients has dwindled throughout the years, but Ashley works hard to maintain that connection. Her open door policy is real and her Southern charm is an added bonus!

Being her own boss has given her the freedom to expand on her philanthropy work also! She frequently supports The Susan G. Komen Foundation and charities focused on Multiple Sclerosis. “My mom is a huge part of my support system. She has Multiple Sclerosis and is still active; even through the pain she is smiling and positive!” Ashley’s support system not only consists of her mom; she has a business mentor William Wilson of William Wilson Clothing. William has given her the advice, “Dream big, but have the steps to reach that dream!” Ashley says he gives tough love and is straight forward, “He’s the one who told me to Google myself often and be aware of how I represent myself at all times.” She has tapped into the power of social networking with the guidance of Justin Rascoe, CEO of Grassroots Design. Another person continuing to educate Ashley and of course deliver some tough love is Wells Fargo lender, Tia Timmons.

“It is important to surround yourself with educated people who know what they are doing and who are successful in their field.” Ashley shared with me. This statement made me think of the quote that sarcastically says a person shouldn’t call the electrician to fix their plumbing. Ashley has certainly called upon the right people to support her on this journey. She understands the need for this also, “We see things through our own eyes. I thought my website was great until William Wilson looked at it and told me that a consumer wouldn’t like it and why. Your support system will tell you who to work with, critique your work, and encourage you. You must trust your support system.”

Paying it forward is in Ashley’s nature. Through her vlogs, educational seminars, and open door policy, she is paving the way not only for future realtors, but for anyone who is interested in starting their own business. Her quick tip for young women eager to become entrepreneurs, “Education is key! Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry. Surround yourself with educated people and people who believe in what you’re doing.” Her willingness to serve others has contributed to her success in life and in real estate. In life it is not enough to do for ourselves; we must reach out to others and help them. Ashley is proof that we truly never stand alone and no matter your age when you feel the need to take the leap of faith…take it and don’t look back!

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