Planting Seeds for Your Future

Mother Nature certainly likes her routine. Global warming aside, she cycles through the same processes, in the same order, doing things the same way they always have been done.

Within that cycle, of course, variations exist—a dry winter or a mild fall—but we always can rely on the rhythm. One season follows the other. It’s a comfortable predictability in a world that often seems to be wildly unpredictable.

Luckily, it is possible to tap into that natural cycle, to bring into both our personal and professional lives a greater sense of flow and order.

It’s time for one of my favorite seasons. Is spring one of yours? In spring, everything is glistening, green and new. There is a feeling of expansion and a sense of renewal and reawakening. Seeds start to grow. People get outside more, becoming reacquainted with their gardens. We take on spring-cleaning projects and clear out clutter.

Have you considered how this season of new beginnings will impact you? Are you ready to reap what you sow? Here are some ideas to consider for both your personal and professional growth.

A few personal activities that align with spring:

What have you always longed to do? Perhaps you want to write a book or teach a class or foster a child. Let this be the year you take action on your dream! Find out what is keeping you from moving forward. Allow the rebirth of spring to inspire you to achieve your dreams and passions!

Is this the time to start developing a healthier lifestyle? We see our neighbors out walking dogs, jogging down the sidewalk or even playing an adult softball game. Challenge yourself to move from inspiration to action! Best of all, you’ll be able to leverage your new, invigorated burst of energy as you work toward meeting your other goals.

Notice, as well, if the seeds you’ve already planted are starting to sprout. Tend to them carefully, giving them ample time to grow. Perhaps this is a personal relationship. Have you noticed a positive change? Remember, it doesn’t have to be the BIG one. Are you curious about where this could lead? Take a risk and see where it takes you!

As a parent we are always looking for those sprouts of change. Celebrate the opportunity to cultivate the crops of our future! Recently I attended a Broadway History Class with my dramatic daughter and a Bible study class with my very intuitive daughter. You can imagine the conversation that followed each session! However, you can have unexpected quality time during a ride home from a practice, at the dinner table or even when you are planting a garden together. Spring is a perfect season for exploring these opportunities.

A few professional activities that align with spring:

Plant your own seeds by designing one or two new products or services for your organization. It’s a gift to allow you to dream. Always imagine how your success will look and feel. We often miss our own successes. What may seem crazy in the beginning could be the start of a really positive idea. So, give yourself lots of time for brainstorming and collaboration before honing your ideas. Sometimes it even helps to conceive the idea, walk away from it, and then edit your creation. Fine-tuning is the key!

When you’re ready, create a detailed launch plan with action steps and a timeline. Have you ever seen a brilliant idea die because the implementation seemed overwhelming? As we coaches suggest, break it down into manageable parts. Maybe even “storyboard” the process using simple post-its to organize (and re-organize) your tasks and timelines. However, as a special mentor of mine always reminded me, you eventually you have to “shoot.” You simply can’t wait for the ultimate perfection.

By tailoring some of what you do to the natural rhythms that allow, sustain and renew all life on earth, you might just find that your life and work are likewise supported, as they deepen, grow and prosper.

Ask yourself what other seeds you would like to sow—and what others already are starting to sprout. I encourage you to post your stories on the P3 Power Blast blog. You may be the one to plant the right seed and harvest an opportunity for another powerful, passionate and purposeful woman!

Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater, CEO and Founder of JR Fitzwater and Associates, is a Registered Corporate Coach who assists individuals and organizations transition through key changes. For additional information we invite you to visit

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