Reclaiming My Space

By Annika Murray

Each week I tell myself I will reclaim some space in my house for myself. You can imagine that my home has become quite smaller with each new addition. Of course, being married for 12 years, I have become accustomed to my permanent roommate situation (husband). I’m used to that! But I’m telling you everywhere I go in the house somebody else is there.

One such space, which I at one point held sacred is my bathroom. My master bathroom has become the 2nd family room in the house. All that is missing is the TV.

Oh how I long for the days when my bathroom was my safe haven to escape from the craziness of the world. I am a “girly” girl who loves hot bubble baths, scented soaps and lotions, candles, etc. I envision what my “bathroom” experience used to be like.

After an exhausting day I would retreat to “my space” before retiring. I would soak in my jacuzzi tub, with jets running, to wash all my cares away (not sure what cares I had before kids, but that’s not the point!) Anyway, I would soak until I was squeaky clean and my skin looked like a raisin! Only to smooth the skin back out with my numerous expensive lotions, which seemed to last forever because I had no kids to share the lotion with.

Now, I am fortunate if I can get away for a 10 minute shower without visitors. How dare I try to be in the bathroom alone! Either one kid bursts right in, usually Alston, to ask about having more fruit or starting a veggietales movie. Or some child stands outside the door and screams until I come out. “Mommy, Mommy”. That is the song I hear. I am the person who now gets the least amount of use from my space.

My master bathroom has become a swimming pool for the boys, a morning prep area for the girls, a changing place for the baby and not to mention a barber shop for my husband.

Each week when I clean up I vow to rid the space of toys, hair barrettes, diapers (dirty and clean), wipes, kids clothes, etc. I’m “reclaiming my space”! Then I decide to bring back out the candles and lotions. This lasts for about a half a day until I find that Ayden has eaten off of a candle and the girls are now using my good lotion! There is no escape. Will I ever bathe again?

Annika shares the chaos, the challenge and some of the cherished memories of raising a family of five with P3 members.

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