Sagging Bellies and Wrinkled Skin

Sagging Bellies and Wrinkled Skin
Rev. Diannia Baty

Sagging Bellies and Wrinkled Skin
Rev. Diannia Baty

When we are young we think we will live forever and be young forever. We see an older person and say that will never be us. When we age things change dramatically. That is when we need our friends, family and community more than ever to nurture us lovingly through the gains and losses of life.

Some of… us become stoic and hard and will not allow ourselves the comfort, the indulgence of loving arms and heart felt gestures. We become bitter at the disappointments of life and do not see any of the good. We bind ourselves up in the past absolutely refusing to see anything to be grateful for. We look at our reflections and only see the sagging bellies, wrinkled skin, poor eyesight, loss of hearing and our teeth. We do not see the experience and the wisdom there. We do not give ourselves credit for having made it this far. We see only the physical and not the spiritual and do not see our eternal soul.

We close ourselves off and hole up in our homes and become lonely for the very things we are holding at arms length. In our bitterness we do not realize that we are chasing away all human contact with our words and actions as we complain about everything when anyone is with us.

So much better is the grief and laughter approach to aging. We grieve our losses and laugh at the wonder that there are still those who want to love us and be in our company and do not see our sagging bellies and wrinkled skin. They see someone worthy of love and attention. They see eyes that twinkle as you share your stories with them. They hear the wisdom that comes with the ups and downs of life. They hear the chuckles and the laughter as you teach the young ones to laugh at themselves. They marvel at what it may be like when they are your age and soon you may hear the words…” I want to be like you when I get to be your age.”

Growing older gracefully is an art form. Ask yourself if you need a fresh canvas.


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