Seeing the Blessing

By Rev. Diannia Baty

We all have core beliefs and one of mine is I do not believe in fate. I do not think anything is written in stone as far as our lives go. The main reason I think this is because we have free-will. The gift of free-will gives us the opportunity to change and create anything. If my life had been pre-ordained in keeping with my earlier life time line, I would be a grandmother, a widow with no prospects of a wonderful life. I am sure by now I would be taking a lot of medication and be unhappy and taken the path that my mother did.

I made choices to do something different with my life. We come into this life a blank slate full of possibilities. Every choice we make leads to a different path. Every move, every trip, and every one we meet turns a corner and a different expression of our life experience unfolds. We are not pawns on the chessboard of life. We are the ones making the moves. It is our life experience and we are the ones calling out, “check mate.”

All of our life experiences have a hidden blessing for us. Sometimes we see it right away and sometimes it unfolds the blessing slowly over time. Make no mistake it is always there.

I look back at what has happened in my life and all that I perceived as horrible and painful and I am now able to clearly see the blessings and the changes that came about because of what I lived through. When I was deeply entrenched in a victim mentality, all I could see is the pain and the suffering. All I could see is what was done to me or said to me or taken from me.

Everything in our lives happens for us and not to us.
If you can view your life in this way it will change everything .

When I first started down my spiritual path, this was one of the first things I learned and it was a perspective I had never considered. I can now clearly see the application of that in my life and in someone else’s life as well.

Example after example is there for me to clearly see something I did not see before. Years ago I worked for a man that was reputed to be into some shady dealings and I started to feel uncomfortable. There was a lot of rumor going around. I was making some real good money but I finally quit. I saw this as life pushing me around once again. I get a good job and the boss is a bad dude so I have to quit. Oh, what life had done to me once again? I was thinking like a victim. The truth is I didn’t have to quit, I chose to.

Two weeks after I quit he was murdered. Someone came into the office and shot him along with two employees. That would have been one of the days I was scheduled to work. I might have been one of the employees that was shot and killed. That was a clear picture for me to see the blessing that had occurred because of my choice to quit. Another blessing that happened is that I started to trust my intuition that I had questioned before. Trusting my inner voice has served me well ever since as long as I am listening.

Because of this experience I became very hyper-alert to details and facial expressions. I started studying people and my surroundings. This led me to apply for a job as an operative for a detective agency at a friend’s urging. This type of position requires that you pay attention to detail. I got the job and did a lot of surveillance work. Nothing escaped my keen eyes and ears. I also trusted my intuition in this job and it served me well.

Every single choice has led me to where I am and who I am now in this moment!

One choice always leads to a multitude of other choices. Using my free-will, I went forward with a different choice and another door of experience was opened up. But in every case it was my choices and my decisions that opened the doors.

Now, when I go through a tough time in any way I am looking for the blessing. I know that sooner or later it will be revealed to me. Instead of seeing myself with a broken heart or broken trust I am now calling it broken open to love and trust because of my experience I have seen both the dark and the light of any given situation. Now I can make different choice through that experience.

It is my choice to leave or not to leave, to move or not to move, to buy or sell something, to be angry or peaceful, to love or hate, to forgive or not. The list would be endless. I think you get the point.

Every moment of my life and yours is filled with blessings even if we are not aware of it at the time. My cousin, who died of breast cancer over a year ago, blessed the world and women who were suffering like her whenever I share her story of refusing treatment out of fear and her subsequent death. I know sharing that story saved a life somewhere. The ripple effect of that cannot be measured.

God gave me free will to live my life. Free means free. There are no conditions attached to this gift. Taking responsibility for my life and the choices thereof has been very liberating for me. I don’t play the blame game any longer. There is simply no point to it. Thinking like a victim only holds you back and prevents you from spreading your beautiful wings. This is just something to think about.

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