Sister, Sister!

The differences between my oldest daughters, Ariana and Alana, still amaze me and seem to be more apparent each day.

Although, just 16 months apart in age, they are worlds apart in words and actions.

Ariana and Alana are roommates and sleep in bunk beds. One night Ariana comes back downstairs after all the kids had gone to sleep for the night. She comes to the family room, where my husband and I are watching TV and just stands there with a long face.

“What is it, Ari?” Asks her dad.  (‘Ari’ is the nickname for Ariana.)

“Lani is ignoring me. ” (‘Lani’  is the nickname for Alana.)

“What do you mean?”

“Well she won’t talk to me and she won’t even say goodnight.”

“Go tell Alana I said to come down here for a minute.”

Ariana leaves to go get her sister. Alana arrives.

“Alana are you ignoring Ariana?”

“No, I’m trying to go to sleep!” she declares.

“Did you say good night to her?”

“Yes I did, but she keeps saying it over and over and over again and she keeps talking to me. I told her I had enough.”

“Alana, be nice to Ariana.”

“Ariana, let Alana go to sleep.” Alana goes back upstairs. I proceed to tell Ariana to just say goodnight one time and I explain that sometimes people don’t want to do what you want to do at the same time and that is ok.

The next night, Alana comes downstairs to greet us after everyone else is in the bed.

“I’m sick of it!” She exclaims.

“Sick of what?” I ask, trying to maintain my composure.

“I am sick of Ariana trying to talk to me every night. I just want to go to sleep. She wants to talk and tell stories and keep the lights on. I can’t take it anymore!”

Just so you know, Alana sleeps on the bottom bunk. She has created a make shift tent to shield herself from outside influences. She has her blanket, a sleeping bag and a small curtain hanging from the bed rail. I guess I should get her a canopy. When it is time to shut it down, she shuts it down. She does not care who is around and what they are doing. Even during sleepovers, Alana will just get in the bed or her sleeping bag when she is tired in spite of all the pillow fights and pillow talk which may be going on around her.

Alana has her way of closing us all out of her world when she needs a minute to herself. She will just disappear without being noticed. I admit it is easy to do with so many of us in the house. I find myself asking, “Where’s Alana?”

Usually Ariana comments and says, “She is probably having her private time. She needs that everyday!” Now that is my girl. If only I could escape from the masses and be by myself whenever I felt like it.

Recently, Ariana felta a little under the weather. She asked me if she could take a nap. I told her whenever she feels like napping, it is fine with me. If she feels the need to rest, go for it.

Alana chimes in, “Yeah that is what I do. I’ll fall asleep anywhere. . . in the car, on the floor, it doesn’t matter.” Alana really knows how to take it easy. Her carefree attitude is to be admired. She doesn’t take life too seriously.

My husband went out of town the other week without telling the kids he would be gone. He usually explains where he is going and what he would be doing. Well when Ariana discovered he would be out of town, she remarked, “He didn’t even say goodbye to us”.

I told Ariana he was sorry and she said it was ok, she forgives him. Alana’s response regarding him being away was, “Oh boy, the lawn really needs to be mowed. There are weeds starting to grow.” Ok, so she won’t be winning any sentimental awards.

Annika Murray is the very busy mother of five and she shares her adventures with P3 Power Boost readers.

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