Sort It Out! Work It Out!

by Angela Harper

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy working out. I’ve been physically active since I was a kid; 5 years of competitive gymnastics, 4 years of color guard, 10 years of pageants, and 10 years of dance. As a kid my dad would take my sister and I to the gym with him. I will never forget the time he and another guy pitted the kids against each other. It was my sister and I versus the guy’s 2 sons; treadmill and weights. His 2 sons lost. My dad would also challenge my sister and me to ab contests. We would work on our abdominal muscles for 1 month and then compare 6 packs. He also trained us in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan; a form of martial arts that he holds a black belt in.

As I got older I realized that the time I spent in the gym was therapeutic. Gym time was me time! Running on the machines, lifting weights, or doing my favorite, The Roman Chair; my mind is able to reorganize and recharge. Whenever I’m feeling bombarded and stressed from life I hit the gym. There probably is some scientific explanation for this, but I don’t know what it is. The only thing I know is that when I finish my workout I feel great!

I encourage each of you to find a physical activity that takes you away from the mundane cadence that beats throughout your daily life. Find 30min-1hr at least 3 times per week to do that activity. Taking a walk is a great way to clear your mind and get in that much needed cardio! Bike riding, swimming, and tennis are other great activities to increase your heart rate! Whatever is weighing you down; shake it off in a Zumba class!

Load your MP3 player with your favorite upbeat songs to keep you going through your workout. Take time to make playlist to go with your specific workout. For example, I have a play list designed just for my running days! I hear the Soca, Reggae, Funk, Hip/Hop, and Rock music and I am amped! Give it a try!

Let the gym time become your time! If you’d like to share your gym time with a friend or significant other; do it! Encourage each other! Talk to one another! Laugh with each other! You will be burning calories and fat all while clearing your mind and rejuvenating your spirit!

Each month, Angela will be writing a new fitness article to keep you motivated! You can reach your goals; never doubt yourself!

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