Thanksgiving Day Declaration

Thanksgiving Day Declaration

By Rev. Diannia Baty

For a few weeks now I have been struggling with getting my thoughts on Thanksgiving so I could get it down and bring it to life. For some reason that has escaped me until now I have been blocked and could not write about it. I am blessed as a writer to write about anything at anytime but not with the subject of one of our major holiday celebrations.

Finally it came to me this morning that a block is something temporary and if I just delved into my emotions and thoughts that I would find the reason for the block. Once I exposed it to the light and stood toe to toe with it I would take the power of the block away.

While growing up in a large family a lot of my days were on survival mode. There was a lot of trauma and drama. Suffice it to say that I am amazed I made it out alive. Holidays are difficult for me because for all the rest of the days of the year, fear, pain and anxiety were prevalent. Then a holidays roll around and it is Picture Perfect for that one day and then back to the craziness. Don’t get me wrong I would enjoy these rare Norman Rockwell Days with a bittersweet taste because I knew it was short lived and that the next day all hell would break through once again.

So, in retrospect it has occurred to me that I didn’t trust the concept of Thanksgiving because it felt like some sort of sham. For a while after I left home I would make an effort to establish my own tradition but my heart was never in it. I was always quick to accept an invitation from someone to break bread with them on this day. I didn’t need to make an effort that way.

I do remember how my mother would cook a feast fit for royalty. The table would groan with the weight of the food. All the uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents etc. would be crowding the house and gossiping about one another. It was a day like most families would have and for that one day we were like regular folks and were truly nice to one another but the next day I had to come back to the reality of our crazy dysfunctional

family and my life as it was. I resented that so much and wondered why we couldn’t be loving, thankful and kind the rest of the year?

Now I am going to honor this day in the spirit that it is and that is giving thanks and being grateful for absolutely everything and to do it everyday of the year not just this one day. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day! While I fill my stomach every day I should be grateful that I do not go hungry while others are dying of starvation. I should be grateful for friends and a roof over my head when there are so many who are homeless right now.

I should be grateful, grateful, and grateful. Gratitude and giving thanks should be the mantra we hear and live every day of our lives. Love should be out most powerful thought and action of every day. War, economic upheaval, global warming, oil spills and all manner of horrible stuff is going on right now. I will not sugar coat that and pretend it is not happening but imagine a global movement of love, acceptance, generosity and giving thanks spreading from land to land, across borders, country to country. Imagine billions jumping on board with that. Now, imagine a world of peace where no one goes hungry for a single day. There are 60 billion of us and by the sheer numbers of us we have immense power to bring about change. Be your own leader, teacher, student and love ambassador for the world. Stand up and show up for humanity and yourself in any way that you can every day.

I declare that every day is Thanksgiving Day in my life. How about you? Is there someone or something you need to forgive, validate, express love to, volunteer for, give something to or let go of? Every day of our life choices are presented to us to do these things yet we wait for one day a year to do it and usually with a heavy heart so it never sticks. You know if this is you and if it is this may give you a different way to look at it.

I declare to live thanksgiving in my life.

I also want to add…”THANK YOU, GOD.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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