The 4 Keys to Being Empowered By Your Image


4 Keys to Being Empowerd by Your Image
By Lisa Thomas

Recently on a segment of Oprah, I saw two people sharing their shame of going out in public due to their appearance.  I’d heard this plaguing experience from a few women I know as well. It seems that image can be something to boast about or be ashamed of, rather than something to be empowered by.  

So often the image one portrays or will try to portray is one that they’ve been taught from society. It seems as if every photo has been airbrushed or redone to perfection. Models appear thin and flawless.

Most people relate to image as merely the clothes they wear,  type of car they drive or home they live in.

But image has a deeper meaning than that.  From a much more powerful place, image is about being true to who you are and projecting your authentic self outwardly to the world.

 When we experience a sense of authentic truth within and project it simultaneously, we are far more fulfilled and confident in our own skin and all of life.

I believe if confidence is lacking there are a few critical areas missing in life.

Let’s take a look at the four keys to being empowered by your image.

 The First Key – Know Your Vision and Purpose.

 Truly know who you are prior to choosing the clothes to wear. It is imperative that you do the work of identifying your “why”. The “why” acts as a driver of  your actions and when “purpose” drives your actions,  you’re far more fulfilled in life.

The Second Key -Accept The Image Of Yourself.

Accepting yourself is a major component in empowering your image. Many women and, believe it or not, men have challenges accepting themselves as they are. The key is knowing that the body you have right now in this moment is the body you have right now.  Not the one you want in the future or the one you’ve had in the past, but the one you have right now. So accept the image, the body and fullness of who you are right now.

Acceptance means that you love, honor, accept, appreciate and celebrate the fullness of your body and your image. You can certainly have a body that you want and  aspire to have, however full acceptance of right now is required.  

The Third Key – Know What Expresses You and Know Your Style.

Once you’re grounded in your vision and purpose, then you’re ready to assess what truly expresses you from an outward standpoint. For those who love shopping, you have permission to go on a joy ride of finding the style of clothing that expresses who you are.  For example, if what fully expresses you is a  more classic look, then you’ll begin your search for clothing in that style. If it’s sexy, sporty or elegant, the same applies.  And for men classic, sporty or trendy may be the style. Whichever it is, the key once again is the place from which you choose your style. In this case, your vision and purpose – your “why”.

The Fourth Key – Create An Environment Consistent With Your Vision and Your Style.

So you’ve got your vision, your style is right for you, you’ve accepted your body. Now you’re ready to create an environment consistent with YOUR image.

The environment is your surroundings; spaces you frequently occupy like your home, office and car.  These are all a reflection of you, so the images you create of these spaces are just as critical.

Simply take inventory of the space and make small changes to represent your style and your image. For example, if your style is elegant, you may redecorate your home to be reflective of that style. However, if you’re on a limited budget you can slowly buy a few pieces of elegant artwork to add to your office or home.  

You don’t have to do it all at once, so take this opportunity to make small changes. The idea is to “create” your environment like an artist with a new canvas. Give yourself freedom to have your creation unfold naturally and freely.

These four keys will empower and inspire you to be more of who you are inwardly and outwardly. It’s an amazing feeling when all of who you are is reflected within you and around you.

Remember when “purpose” drives your actions; you’re far more fulfilled in life. You feel better, you look better and live better…

Lisa Thomas provides Life Coaching For Women. Her mission is empowering women worldwide.

Lisa  is a Vision and Leadership Support Coach, Visionary for Women, Life Coach for NBC’s My Carolina Today and Inspirational Speaker. For more information about this segment or a 60 min Power Session, contact Lisa at 910 221 9294 or 704 909 7663. Visit the website at

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  2. Kristen Moore says:

    I checked out your segment and it is wonderful-I shared it on my Facebook page, because I believe that your words are very powerful. So many women struggle with image and loving themselves and that is absolutely what they show outward. From now on, when I am feeling down on myself I’m going to watch your segment. Thank you so much for sharing that with me 

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