The Badger in the Cage

by Diannia Baty

There is no doubt that there are many of you hurting in some way out there. Your pain is real and your fears are amplified due to the current economic crisis. There is a way to peace if you really want it. To identify with your pain will only bring more to you.

In my morning prayers and meditations I am sometimes given a vision that reveals its meaning to me later as I contemplate it. Many times these visions lead to the articles I write to you. I never question what God gives me in these times. The guidance and the messages from the creator are always profound and powerful.

Yesterday while talking to God, I was given a vision of a badger that had become trapped in a cage. It was wild with fear, jumping and thrashing and biting the bars of the cage. It was panting and it looked like it would die of fright. It also appeared to be very angry at its fate. The badger slowed down and appeared to be rigid and statue like. It closed its eyes and its breathing slowed to a point where it appeared that the badger had died. A man approached the cage thinking it was dead. When he opened the door the badger flew out like a bolt of light and in a flash it was gone.

Then I was shown another badger in a cage. In this part of the vision the door of the cage was open and it was being set free but it would not leave the confines of the prison it was in. This man was poking it with a stick and it still would not move. It was fearful and felt safe in the cage. It would not take the freedom it was being offered. It had adapted to its fate. This badger did not trust what was being given to him. I could readily see what was being shown to me. We are like the badges in the vision. Which badger are you?

Confusing and conflicting times occur so that the soul will search for a different path to pursue and walk upon. When there is a better way for the soul to travel, it must begin to feel the struggle and the conflict; otherwise, our souls would stay where they are and miss the growth of a new path and the peace and resolution that is on this new path.

As often happens in life, when we fail to make tough decisions by our own choices that need to be made, life makes them for us by default.

Turning points seem to break us at first so we can be remade. Challenges are spiritual gifts in disguise. Look for the gift in everything that seems unfavorable in your life. It is always there. When you see the gift, the pain disappears.

Once you see the gift that you can always dig out of the suffering, decide how you will use it to influence other areas of your life experience. How can you use it to make your life better?

Walking through fear brings out our power and reveals our real self to ourselves. This brings you closer to the answers to the questions,

“Who am I?”

“And why am I here?”

The badger who stopped fighting against his entrapment won the moment the cage door was open. The other badger had adapted to his fate and did not seek freedom even when it was offered. He was fearful and did not make a decision except to stay where he was even though it was not the best place for him. This badger had chosen to remain a victim of his circumstances.

The only other thing that God shared with me was one word.


With the gift of our free-will it is clear to me what God means.

I get it.

Do You?

This is just something for you to think about.

Diannia is author and speaker, 

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