The Power of a Good Laugh

by Alyssa Russo

Laughter can reduce stress and pain. If you are dealing with an illness or going through a tough time in your life, laughing can help to boost your mood and improve your immune system.

It can also create bonds with people, which is also good for your health. When you are laughing, you are most likely not thinking about the pain or suffering you are experiencing for a few  moments. Although if you have certain types of pain, such as sore stomach muscles or pain related to surgery, laughing may make it worse. I’ve laughed so hard one time that my stomach hurt the next day. It felt as if I did a bunch of stomach crunches.

Laughing is especially good for emotional pain. It can help to boost your mood and connect with other people. It can take your mind off of negative things for the time being.

Here are a few ways to get some good laughs.

Watch a funny movie.

Read a good joke book or look for some funny jokes online.

Think about something embarrassing that happened to you in the past. It may not have been funny when it happened, but maybe you can look back on those moments now and have a good laugh. For example, did you ever go out with the price tag still on your clothes? Did you ever walk out of a public restroom with a tail made out of toilet paper? I once had a coworker who showed up at work with two different shoes on and she didn’t realize it until she got to the office. We both couldn’t stop laughing for awhile. Sometimes we do silly and embarrassing things, but looking back on them can give us a good chuckle.

Go to a comedy club or watch stand up comedians on television.

Go online and go to YouTube and look up some old funny clips of tv shows that you used to watch. You can also find a variety of funny things to look at on YouTube.

Spend some time with funny people that you know. Do you know someone who is always joking around and making people laugh? Call them on the phone for a few good laughs or invite them over and enjoy their company.

Bring out your inner child. Do things that you wouldn’t expect to do as an adult. If you are able to, you could jump rope, play hide and seek with your significant other or your own children, play a game of hopscotch, run through a sprinkler. I’m sure those things you did as a child will make you laugh if you do them as an adult.

Dress up in silly hats, wigs or clothes. Do you have any old and outdated clothes? Dress yourself up in something funny and make other people laugh as well. You don’t have to wear it out, just around the house for a few laughs.

Don’t be afraid to let loose and get downright silly. Everyone has their own sense of humor and things that they find to be funny. Make up silly things off the top of your head. Try to write your own jokes, even if they don’t make sense.

Read the comics in the newspaper.

Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone and either of you used humor as a way to resolve the fight? Laughter can reduce anger and stress and can help you to get along better with others.

Whatever it is that you decide to do to get yourself laughing, remember that by laughing you are doing your body and mind a lot of good. So go ahead and enjoy a few good laughs!

Alyssa Russo is a freelance writer who believes that “tough situations don’t last, but tough people do.” She also knows how to enjoy a good laugh!

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