The Power of Closure

The Power of Closure by Lisa Thomas
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The Power of Closure is important and critical when you’re creating a new. They say “out with the old and in with the new”, but what happens when you don’t say goodbye to the old?

In reflecting on the close of 2010 while embracing the newness of 2011, I asked myself how to bring a complete close to a wonderful year so that I can begin painting on a clean canvas for 2011? It is a great question for everyone finishing up something old and preparing for something new.

Can you imagine trying to paint a new picture on an old used canvas? Often we do that when we make New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions from 2010 are still lingering – incomplete and unfulfilled, yet we try to start new ones as though they will magically manifest.

Every three years I do a deep introspective, but this year something seemed different. We’re about to embark on the year 2011 and I thought wow, for me this is the beginning of a new decade.  Others began last year, but for me it begins this year.

So, in my deep retrospect this time around, I reviewed my 10 year list. I had accomplished a lot and felt some enormous successes, met some incredible people and had many exciting times.  I’d also been met with some of life’s greatest challenges, let some people go in the process and felt some of the most disappointing and saddest of times. But more importantly, within the last 10 years, I found my purpose and my voice.

I felt the intense desire to include what I’ve called the “P3 Cleanse” in my process of closure.  Most hear the word cleanse and immediately think detox. Yes, to some degree it is a detox. However, cleansing for me is all about mind, body, spirit. It is indeed a spiritual, emotional and physical cleanse. I start with all things informing my intellect of information to distract my cause.   I cleanse my body of those things which conflict with the pureness of healthy living and I mentally cleanse all self imposing thoughts that plague my ability to achieve the greatness I deserve.

I’d engaged in this triple cleanse last year and this year I was ready to take it to another level.  I usually give myself three months to bring closure to all that has happened good or bad. I believe that to fully open up to the process of closure, there is preparation and a good P3 cleanse system provides that opening.

The P3 Cleansing system includes the following steps:

Step 1. Stop watching TV and engaging in other information technology to cleanse your mind and spirit.  You will have to encourage your family to support your efforts by including them in your cleansing process or asking them to respect your process by allowing you to fully implement your cleanse system.

Step 2. Remove all self imposing thoughts and comments from others who plague your ability to think clearly to promote cleansing of your emotions.  This means you will deliberately “stop” all negative, limited thinking. To succeed, you should journal your thoughts and issue a cancellation notice to your mind. The cancellation notice forces you to acknowledge the self imposing thoughts as such. So, the cancellation notice is an imperative part of the system.

Step 3. Eliminate all foods that do not foster energy, good health and vibrant living to cleanse your physical body. First research and exercise a good detox program so you begin your food eliminations with ease. After the detox, usually 7 to 10 days, simply notice your energy levels and keep a journal of all foods consumed. Eliminate those that seem to slow you down or zap your energy.

I suggest you do this for three months. However, you can implement the cleansing system at any time. Cleansing the mind, body, and spirit opens you up to new found energy, problem solving, thought process and effective decision making.

All occurrences have emotions attached to them whether we choose to process them at the time they happen or push them back to process later. To go forward effectively and embrace the future, we have to completely process them all.  And because you’re now in the space of answering three sets of very pointed questions, you can fully and completely navigate through the closure process:

What do I really want?
Where am I unbalanced?
What are my happiest moments in life?
Where is my heart pulling me?
In what direction do I know within my soul am I being led or pulled?
Where am I agitated in life?
Where am I fulfilled?
Where am I unfulfilled?

I follow those with the big questions:

Why am I unfulfilled?
Why am I agitated?
What elements make up the happiest moments in my life?

And lastly, four important and paramount questions come to mind:

What responsibility do I play in it?
What, if anything, am I willing or going to do about it?
How can I make my life line up with what I want it to be?
How do I put myself in the driver’s seat of my own life?

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions without first bringing closure to what has happened. Often we decide we want a different result without first identifying old habits and cycles that continue to lead to our demise.  When we fail to produce, we can easily become cynical and resigned to simply settling for whatever we can get.

I think it’s critical to honor and acknowledge the following:

What have I accomplished and what have I not accomplished?
What is my honest assessment of my accomplishment pros and cons?
How do I make improvements and adjustments for the future?

As you answer these questions, please be cautioned that guilt may arise. Make sure you are in a place to embrace the answers and to become empowered by them. Feelings of guilt or chastisement do not bring closure but, rather deepening in-completion. It is also critical to acknowledge in authentic truth what you will change and what you are not yet willing to change. Also, what you can and cannot commit to; really owning the whole enchilada.

Keep the process going until you feel whole inside and a sense of completion. When you feel a sense of completion, you are settled and at peace in your state of mind and being.

This closure process cleanses out all of the impurities of your life. It brings about the truest most authentic you and creates a clean slate to work from. When you finally make a decision to have something in your life for the New Year, you actually do it with integrity and power attached to it rather than adding it to a pile of words that never manifest. Cleansing actually starts to wipe away all of the old paint and gives rise to a new canvas ready for a new creation.

I am excited about what the days of 2011 will bring now after the closure process is complete. I’ve vowed to make closure a part of everyday living. The daily question becomes “what masterpiece will I create today?”.

Let’s create the absolute best year ever, shall we?

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