The President’s Corner: Alignment or Realignment?

by Lisa Thomas

I sat with the beautiful Valonda Calloway on the My Carolina Today show and we talked briefly about the concept of Body Placement and what that all means.

Body Placement! Oooh, it sounds so mysterious, doesn’t it?

First, I must say that Body Placement is a term I use to illustrate the importance of where you place your body. Often times we’re not fully conscious of why we find ourselves in any given place. We just do what we do and go where we go. Not a lot of forethought is given as to why, we just do it, right?

On a good day, you might ask yourself the question, should I go here or should I go there. The true power lives in that sweet spot within from which you ask the question.

Let’s look at Body Placement for a minute.

First of all it is one “component” of five within a tool we call The P3 Circles of Life™.

The P3 Circles of Life™ are The Spiritual Self” where vision and purpose lives, “The Emotional Self” where thoughts feelings and emotions reside and “The Physical Self” where “Image, Organization, Health and Nutrition, Body Placement and Time Management live.

We have determined that this tool is most effective when all circles are in congruency. Without vision, thought and body alignment and congruency , we’re simply meandering through life hoping and wishing for fleeting moments of focus and bliss.

So it’s critical that you find your purpose, get your emotions in check to be in alignment with vision and take the necessary actions which are given to you in the physical self.

Now, open the door to discuss The Physical Self; aspect, Body Placement.

If you are clear about vision, and your emotions are in alignment with the vision, you can now ask yourself a few questions:

Who will aid in fostering my vision?

Who can elevate me to be a high achiever in my vision?

Who can call me to be greater than I know myself to be?

Where do I need to find myself going day in and day out?

What activities do I engage myself in?

What organizations shall I associate myself with?

What company shall I keep?

Who shall I find myself mingling with?

What activities shall I eliminate that are out of alignment with my vision?

These are just a few questions that will begin to dictate your body placement. Once you start strategically placing your body in areas of alignment, you’ll find life is much more fulfilling and rewarding.

Give it a try! But first know your vision, know yourself and be true to your authentic self.

Feel free to contact me directly for your P3 Power Session where we will begin the journey of discovery. It will be the best 60 minutes of your life. Remember, body placement is all about “alignment”.

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