The President’s Corner: Powerful or Helpless? You Choose.

By Lisa Thomas

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for an interview for TV and I noticed that I was a little nervous. For me that’s normal so I kind of brushed it to the side and went on to do the segment. After the interview was complete, my mind was going faster than a NASCAR at the weekend race. I couldn’t stop my brain from spinning about what had just happened. All of sudden I could hear the critical voice in my head. But My God, how did it really go? My husband called me immediately and said honey you are really good, you really should consider doing something on TV. Then a colleague called and said, WOW, you were really good. I watched it three times to make sure. You really were. Why couldn’t I hear my husband and colleague clearly?

The most dominating voice was mine still, Jesus how many people watched it? Was my hair in place? Had I said the right thing? Did the message come across? What will people think? Did I have an impact? That voice was clear so I stopped for a minute to listen more carefully. I recognized it because I’d heard it before. And while it initially sounded like mine, it was that of an old teacher when I was younger who marked my paper with red ink. I don’t remember her name, but I do remember having to go to a special class because she said I needed additional assistance in school. She gave me a pretty extensive lesson in doing things the “right way.” What an impact I could’ve allowed that past moment to make. The funny thing about the voice is it was clear and it seemed very real, but there wasn’t a physical being there talking with or to me. No one was with me at the time.

Most of us think what we say about ourselves is the truth and particularly the negative things. The moment of power was when I could choose how to relate to the thoughts and opinions. I first recognized and acknowledged it was a past moment speaking as if it was relevant to the present moment. The voice was not mine nor was there any truth to the opinions being shared in the moment.

Where the power lies is in how you react or relate to your negatives thoughts about yourself or life in general.

I then chose a different path of thinking. I chose to embrace my own power, my ability to share passionately and give a message that people can embrace on or off TV. I could then really “hear” and enjoy the raving fans and the accolades being given for such a wonderful interview.

How many of you having an internal critical voice that shares opinionated views about your life whether solicited or unsolicited? How do you choose to react or relate to those thoughts? Powerfully or Helplessly? You do have a choice! What IS your choice?

The Power, Lives Within You and It’s Always Been There!

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