The President’s Corner: The Power of Vision

Vision Wouldn’t it be great to have access to being able to take action in your life when you don’t know how or what to do?

Discover how vision can drive results and make things happen.

Access your vision and make it as vivid and clear as possible.

Without clear vision, you will lack the fortitude to continue on your path to success. You MUST know clearly what you want and should reinforce your clear vision with visual displays.

I had thought of owning an S-type Jaguar for a couple of years. I created a folder on my computer labeled Project Freedom and Discovery and a sub-folder labeled The Golden Pages . I wrote in those golden pages a few years ago as if I owned an S-Type Jaguar. It wasn’t like I had a great deal of money and especially not Jaguar buying money but I created a vision of being the owner of a Jaguar.

I had a picture of the jaguar with the features I wanted and I read my Golden pages daily and I glanced at the picture of the car as often as I could.

A year or so ago, I bought an S-Type Sapphire Blue Limited Edition Jaguar.

The Power lies in the vision.

The vision lies within the spirit, the essence of who you are. Your quest is to find what it is. As you create your vision and declare your intention, the next steps will start to unfold and I will aid you in finding those steps that stand before you.

On my golden pages, I wrote my hopes, dreams and desires. I did a collage to give me a visual image of my hopes, dreams and desires.

Now I own the car.

You must believe.

With unwavering faith you must stand in your vision. This means you must address your emotions, thoughts and feelings that fall short of belief in your vision and deal with any doubts.

The definition of doubt is to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely.

Unfortunately, if you have doubt and question what you dream, that will stop it from happening. You cannot attract anything that you question. Remember, you must believe what your mind conceives.

The definition of belief is confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof; a statement unworthy of belief; confidence, faith, trust.

If you think of all the things around you; the chair you sit on, the home you live in, the airplanes that fly around, the buildings; etc, someone had to imagine it and made it a reality. All things have been made from concept, from thought to reality. And I would bet that the people who made these things a reality never stopped believing. Why would you be any different?

Belief is just as important as the vision. You must find faith in your cause: be unwavering, unmovable, unshakeable!

I never stopped believing I would own the car. There was never a question whether or not I’d own the car. The questions were related to how. The significant questions were when would be the right time to purchase? How much did one cost? How would I acquire the car? What would I need to do to purchase one?

The Power lies in the Vision. Vision drives results. Vision lays a foundation. The foundation becomes a solid place from which to act.

You must be willing to dream and visualize and then you must be willing to take action, but that’s another article

Take time to be still and dream a bigger dream. And remember, the Power Lives within you and it’s always been there!

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