We All Need Each Other

Rev. Diannia Baty
We all need a community to share our beliefs, our hopes, heart hurts and ideas.
We all need a shoulder or a hand given freely when needed. We all need each
other. We need to rock the boat and make some waves and cause others to think. We need to shake it up from time to time.
There are so many of us that we can pick and choose each other like we do cereal in the grocery store. It wasn’t that long ago when we cherished very human connection we had. Pioneer families were very isolated from each other and it was a big deal to be able to visit with another. People were not so expendable back then. Large groups came together for a barn rising and it was cause for a celebration to come together to help another. Today we toss each other aside and move on without a thought to what we left in our wake. We deny our need for each other yet this face book page proves otherwise. In large numbers we reach out to each other unalike any time ever in history!

Don’t be so quick to throw away each other…Don’t be so quick to disrespect and hurt one another. Think about what you are teaching each other. Think about what we are teaching the children. If a flood swept through your area, you would be reaching out to any hand that was extended without a thought as to whose hand it was. If you needed a heart transplant you would not turn it down because it came from a white person, black person or a Catholic, Pentecostal or Baptist person. You would not ask if the person was tall or short, fat or thin, or a man or woman.

I repeat, we all need each other now more than back in the pioneer days. If you don’t believe this, then look again at your face book page and your e-mail list and your directory of phone numbers.


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