We The People Are Not Victims


By Rev. Lady Dannia Baty Copyright 2010

I won’t argue the fact that there are some big changes happening on our world but the fact is changes have been happening for a long time now and this is nothing new. While the wheels are turning, we don’t notice much until the wheels stop turning. Remember any long car trip and at some point the driver slows down to exit somewhere. We may be fast asleep but when the car stops, we wake up most of the time. Some where in our brain is registered the fact that something has changed and we need to come out of our dozing state and pay attention.

It is a similar situation when someone falls asleep in front of the television. We walk in and notice that you are asleep and when it is turned off, you wake up! Everyone is waking up because the wheels have slowed or stopped turning for a while but only for a while. All I hear is how bad everything is. Where have all the positive people gone? What is needed now are conversations that spread hope and love. If you are nearby when the conversation turns to how awful things are the best thing to do is move on or change the subject. Don’t join in!

We have reached a state of what is called critical mass. The way we have lived our lives in relative spiritual unconsciousness has slowed down the wheels of the bus. It is time to take in the scenery of your creations.

If you are having issues and troubles right now then what is going on in your life is in your face in such a big way that can no longer be ignored. The tiger is no longer in the bushes. It is right in front of you and growling and baring its teeth.
Across the board this is true for almost everyone alive right now.

The fact of the matter is spiritually speaking, you are being prodded and pushed to make some changes. You are not alone. You know this to be true and some of us just don’t know how to move forward. You are like a deer in the headlights frozen and not knowing what to do. We all know what happens to most deer when this happens.

Sadly, being in denial or ignoring any suffering you may be experiencing is an option many of you take. To quote Dr. Phil, “ How is that working for you? ”
It is not working at all and you know it. If you have lived this way for a long time then you have adapted yourself to your current way of thinking and living your life.
One of the ways you have adapted is to constantly feed yourself negativity. It is time to take stock of what media you are watching and reading and how much. Let’s not kid each other. Most of the media is negative, frightening and if you believed all of it, you would be jumping off a bridge.
The surge toward spirituality is stronger now than ever before as the seekers are many who want to understand themselves, the universe and God.

We’ve lost ourselves. We’ve lost the truth of who we are as spiritual beings. We have dumbed down our connection to God. We’ve turned our power over to negative thought forms and beliefs put into place thousands of years ago. These negative thought forms and beliefs were created with a single purpose in mind—to control our thoughts, actions and behaviors to the benefit of those who would wield power over us. We have all seen it and experienced it but have turned a blind eye to it. We have shook our heads at our dwindling resources but as long as it didn’t affect us personally we didn’t make any changes. Well now, it is affecting you personally as a person, a nation and a planet.

It is time that we took our power back! It is a social imperative that we all share the responsibility for. Do you truly want to be happy, joyous, abundant and free? Do you want to see peace reign in the world? Do you want to see our dwindling environmental resources begin to replenish and flourish? Do you want to have the power to manifest abundance in your life?

There is a way, as a collective humanity to co-create sustainable abundance in every area of our lives. It requires a Quantum Shift in perspective and a desire and willingness to frame our beliefs about who we inherently are as spiritual beings. It saddens me greatly when I repeatedly and continuously hear the following from the beautiful, radiantly talented people that cross my path:

• As human beings we are imperfect, flawed and weak
• No pain, no gain
• One cannot transcend or grow without suffering
• I don’t know what it would take for me to be happy. I have everything and I feel confused and alone.
• I feel like I am a prisoner in my own life and I don’t know how to undo it
• If only I had the right woman/man in my life, I’d feel okay
• If only I had money, I’d be free.
• I feel like I’m being punished for who I am
• If only I had a house, I’d be secure.

With great sadness in my heart I write to you to implore you to begin anew. To wipe the slate clean and to create a new reality and imprint upon it that which is truly your birthright and destiny as a human being! You are a bundle of pure divinity. You are a perfect, precious creation of unlimited intelligence, creativity and divine power to be the alchemist mixing and creating precious energies, thoughts, forms and materials into divine material form. You are God’s perfect creation. You were given such incredible gifts of free will and to power to create anew in every moment.

Every one of us is a teacher and a leader but we are not using it. You are a teacher and a leader within your own life experience.

Now is the time for change…Now!
The true disease of our humanity causing the dwindling resources of our environment, increasingly aggressive warring among political and religious factions and early death due to diseases born out of our own behaviors, is our belief that we are flawed, imperfect and victims of our circumstances. The other disease is apathy.

My divine fellow brothers and sisters, where, when and why did we decide to buy into the very belief that is causing the deconstruction and destruction of everything that we hold dear in life! Whatever happens anywhere in this world affects every one of us.

Not until we REMEMBER and EMBRACE the truth of our divinity and LET GO of someone’s self-motivated spin that continues to dominate and control us, will we begin to be free. As we begin to embrace the truth of our wholeness, we will begin to feel the rise of a new era, a rise in health, wealth and well-being in our hearts, homes, communities and the world we live and breathe in.

The spin of human form as broken, flawed and in need of being saved is what perpetuates living from a place of fear. The belief that as human beings we are a stain on the fabric of the world is truly tragic and commits us to a barren future. The belief that only through pain, we rise, is yet another negative thought form which has as its’ goal to behavior modify us into a malleable controllable collective. It keeps us immobilized where institutions can lead us into arenas that only serve their thirst for power, dominance and control.

Fear breeds more fear and increased fear in the world gives rise to those who want to capitalize on our fears. They control our minds, actions, behaviors and pocketbooks! Conquer and divide is the dish of the day if we continue to buy into the belief that our greatest strength as a human being is our weakness!

Living from fear allows us to be controlled. It controls what we are able to accomplish in the world. We strive to create security and success from a place of fear and when security and success is built on a foundation of fear, it is at risk of collapse and destruction. The only way to create SUSTAINABLE abundance is through living from a place of our own power and divinity. We must understand that as human beings we ARE PERFECT and we hold the power to the expansion of not only our lives, but the world around us.

When we begin to feel the rightness, beauty and brilliance of who we are, fear begins to slip away and we begin to feel a new surge of the divine running through our hearts, souls, and spirits. We begin to see life through a new lens. Everything comes vibrantly alive and a new energy moves through us giving birth to our own unique creative intelligence. We begin to live in flow and trust and not in fear. We begin to manifest a new reality of our own choosing! An abundant Universe where supply far exceeds demand! Just envision that for a moment. What would the World become having all the supply that we could ever need to meet demand? I know you know the answer. War, famine, disease, ego and fear would become ancient history! Humanity would rise to a new consciousness where abundance would be allowed to expand and flourish and we would become the generation of a new era of enlightenment!

We, the people, ARE the mass consciousness that have the power to create permanent quantum shift for a new tomorrow. Believe it, embrace it and manifest it now!

We’ve also bought into the belief that change is a painful process. When we even think of the word “change” it evokes a feeling of dread and fear. We, again, become immobilized and choose to stay stuck rather than facing the supposedly inevitable trauma of change. This is a belief that we have to shift and let go of in order to become proactive participants in the creation of a new abundant landscape of life.

Change is invigorating, energizing, exciting, and expansive and creates innovation and genius when you are the one instituting and creating the change.

The reason why most of us see change as a threat rather than the opportunity for expansion is because most of us let change happen to us rather than being the proactive person promoting the shift. It is the difference between being the victim of circumstances or the victor of circumstances. Which will you choose going forward? To be the person who allows change to be thrust upon them or the person who creates positive change?

Again, it is a matter of living in faith of yourself as a creator and not as a fear-based person who is being manipulated and controlled by those who would seek power over you.

True and right use of power comes from within with a purity of intention to manifest abundance for the greater good of the whole. It starts in your heart, soul and home and trickles out into the world. Change brings about incredible transformation. God is always there to guide and assist.

As you believe, others believe. As you live your divinity, others will live their divinity. As you radiate the new reality of our divine humanity, others see it, feel it and move into it. You have the power to change your mind, thoughts, beliefs, deeds, actions and reactions. You have the power to manifest a new reality that sustains your existence in the highest, most abundant form imaginable.

As the world changes and our consciousness shifts into a higher state of being, we will all come to know God as never before in the history of the world. God is patiently waiting for his children to know and feel with absolute clarity that we all have the power to affect change and create. If you have been waiting for signs and omens, they are all around us so what are you waiting for? This is just something to think about.

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  1. Lisa Thomas says:

    This is well written. I think everyone should read it…We sometimes believe we are victims of life but we have choice in every decision we make. Hats off Diannia for a great article!

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