Wilder in Real Life: “First Comes Winter Then Comes Spring…”

By Lauren Wilder

“Change comes eventually.” If you don’t recognize this line then you’re obviously not a Lauryn Hill fan, no worries because you can relate to the quote without remainder of the chorus. It’s from her song “Everything is Everything” and that’s exactly how I feel right now. I’m coming out of my transition phase into a stage of understanding. My life since college has changed rapidly from day to week to month. In the past I had the tendency to dwell on the past, but life changes so quickly that I have to keep moving with it. As for the season changing, it’s much anticipated even though I’m hearing Chicago’s spring is a rainy season.

Back in the lovely state of North Carolina lays my buffer, 95% of the people I’m closest to reside there. I have adjusted not exactly gracefully, but I have found that I can manage. I slipped up and I tried to find that buffer concept here in one person. Let’s scratch that, I wasn’t looking, but I thought I found it in one person. It ended exactly how it started, rapidly like life.

I won’t delve into the juicy details because that’s not what my column is about. It is about my enlightenment from lessons I have learned. So my first epiphany of 2010 is that I am my own comfort zone, but even now I find it difficult to believe.

I hopped on a Southwest airplane last summer with the desire to learn and see new things. I came here to start my life. There are many young people my age with the same story, small town and move into the big city. Some have dreams and some want to escape the mundane lifestyle that consists of hanging out at Wal-Mart on the weekend.

I have been reminded constantly that I’m not in my town of 25,000, also that I’m not near the ones that know me the best. I have realized that I rely on them heavily even though I am miles away. Where ever I go now I know that I have to back myself, be my cheerleader, be my own shoulder and protector (for the most part). Also, no one can live my life except for me. There are people here who love me dearly and want the very best for me. I have to want it and do it.

My dear readers I have changed, as much as the weather has, tremendously since I’ve landed here and I have a long way to go.

Lauren Wilder is an up-and-coming journalist who recently moved to Chicago. She shares her adventures with P3 readers every month.

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